2015 ERO Report

We are delighted with this report as it captures accurately the special character of the school, the importance of constructive and supportive relationships around teaching and learning, and the high standards that are a hall mark of all St Hilda’s programmes and activities.

As a Board and staff, we are proud that the next steps for future development and progress that we had already identified, have been validated by ERO’s review processes.

We have once again been given a four to five year review cycle and with reference to ERO’s Framework for School Reviews – The Six Dimensions of a Successful School and Evaluation Indicators for School Reviews, this indicates that:

  • The school’s curriculum is consistently effective in promoting student learning – engagement, progress and achievement
  • High quality performance is evident and ERO will have no material concerns about the education and safety of students
  • There is a school-wide culture of rigorous critical reflection and self review which contributes effectively to sustaining the school’s positive performance and continuous improvement.

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