Health and Safety

St Hilda’s has a comprehensive Emergency Plan to ensure the safety of all students, staff and other persons while at school.

Should an emergency occur such as fire, earthquake, lockdown etc. when the school is able to, a notification will appear on the Parent Portal of the whereabouts of your daughter(s).  It is very important that you do not phone the school as lines may become overloaded and vital communication may be obstructed.  This becomes especially important should we have to evacuate our site for any reason.

To ensure the safety of your daughter, we will have her initially check in with her Whanaungatanga teacher.

Some families may have an emergency plan of where they would meet in case of an emergency as suggested by Civil Defence.  Your daughter would only be released without an adult if we have a verification text from a parent that you wish your family emergency plan to be activated. This text would also include the family’s planned meeting location.

Prior to her release from school (or other location) your daughter(s) must sign out with our Student Support Officer, Mrs Madigan.

If you daughter(s) is being collected by another adult and not a parent that adult should ideally have your permission and must supply the following information to Mrs Madigan:

  • Name of person collecting the student
  • Time of collection
  • Address of person collecting
  • Phone number of person collecting
  • Signature of person collecting
  • Where the student will be taken to

We will look after your daughter(s) until an adult comes to collect her, no matter how long that may take or until you activate your family emergency plan.

Dropping off and picking up your daughter from school

Where possible please drop your daughter off further along Royal Terrace, to avoid unnecessary traffic through the Cobden St, Royal Terrace intersection, and through the Kea Crossing. Cars going through the intersection, to get right outside the Archway, which then return back through the same intersection a few minutes later, further congest an already very busy intersection.

Sun Exposure

The school now has a uniform hat and all new students have been required to purchase.  We would encourage older students to do the same. Wearing the hat is encouraged at all times when the girls are in the sun.

At all outdoor events sunscreen is available to students at the first aid station and when onsite at the student office.  We would request that if staff are moving around the girls with sun screen that the girls take to opportunity to apply and reapply it through out the day.

Health and Safety Requirements in School Laboratories

Where ever within the screen shot of the document below the word shall appears it is mandatory for the students to follow the  guidelines as outlined.