Care and Repairs

The computers the school specifies are high quality robust devices but still need to be well cared for in order to achieve a long service life.

Rule Number 1 Backup! Backup!

Your data is the most important part of your computer and should backed up at least once a week.  Some data can be backed up via iCloud – the limit is 5GB but you can purchase more space at a small monthly cost.   You school Google account allows unlimited space so you can back up there (Note:  when you leave St Hilda’s you loose access to this account – data can be downloaded before you leave)

Backup for  an SSD Drive (Macbook Air and  Macbook Pro) is absolutely critical.  If an SSD drive fails there is little chance of retrieving data.
Apple Computers has a back solution called Time MachineClick the link to find out more.  Easy to set up and use.

Damage to Laptops….

The most frequent cause of damage is liquid spills. We advise students to keep liquids and food far away from their computer and never consume a drink while using it. Spilling a drink over the keyboard will damage the computer to the extent that it may have to be written off.

The second most common damage is broken screens caused  dropping or standing on the computer or by something that gets left on the keyboard when the lid is closed. This type of damage can be expensive to repair. Never put the computer on the floor, and if the computer is in a bag be careful with the bag.

In one case a computer was destroyed by glitter which had got inside the case. Glitter is metallic and is harmful to the computer.

More minor damage we see includes:

  • Trackpads pushed in from being pressed too hard.
  • Keys broken off.
  • Hinges damaged from having heavy objects stacked on the computer and some form of twist force applied.
  • Some plastic covers cause damage to the case and hinges
It is good to restart your computer at least once a week.

Repair Process

When a problem occurs the computer can be taken to the eLearning Office at school  for initial advice.     You will most likely need to contact the point of purchase  if it is a warranty claim.

If the computer was bought from Cyclone Computers  the contact for Dunedin is Jane Allan
0800 686 686 ext 317  m: 0222000277
8 Turakina Road,
Andersons Bay,Dunedin 9012

The school may be able arrange  to loan computer  while a repair is completed. The hard drive data from the student computer may be able to be transferred to the loan computer if needed (and the data is available).

Please email if you need further information.

Battery Care and Computer Storage

Click here for  Battery Information and Care (from Apple)
We encourage students not to bring their own computer chargers to school. We ask students to leave their computer on a charger at home every night so they arrive at school with a full charge every morning. A fully charged computer should make it through an entire school day. Computers can be used while charging.
We have some charging spaces at school for older computers Magsafe 1 and 2
Heat is not good for electronics – having the laptop on a soft surface may cause it to heat
up – if the fans starts the computer is too hot.  Soft surfaces like a bed can restrict the airflow around the computer which will also cause heat build up.

Tips for conserving battery power:

  • Restart your computer once a week (or if you are having problems)
  • Quit Applications that are not in use
  • Keep Bluetooth turned off unless you are using it
  • Only run the screen at full brightness when necessary
  • Use your computer at home with the power plugged in
  • Limit the number of browser tabs you have open (Chrome)
  • Close any web connected Apps (eg Spotify) unless you are using them.
  • Adjust the Energy Saving settings in System Preferences  (search for this in Spotlight)
  • Limit video/film watching during the day unless it is part of your classwork
  • If you don’t need Wifi temporarily turn it off