Recommended Laptop for Year 9 – 13 (2021) is:
Macbook Air 13″  128GB   or a Macbook Pro 13″  128GB or greater.
(Or greater means a bigger hard drive or higher specifications but the recommended
laptops are all that is needed for Education programmes at St Hilda’s)
NOTE:  The new Macbook Air (250GB) is now the entry level Macbook. 
The older model if still available would still be fine for school use.

From Cyclone you can purchase the computer only or a special bundle deal – options are:
Macbook Air or Pro computer only –  plus  St. Hilda’s Software Installation
Macbook Air Bundle – Includes:
– 1 x Macbook Air 13″ 8GB, 128GB SSD
– 1 x Black Sleeve
– 1 x USB-C to USB Adapter
– 1 x  2.5INCH USB 3.0 1TB  External HDD
– 1 x 24 Month Extended Warranty (add to Manufacturers 12m Wty)
– 1 x St. Hilda’s Software Installation

Macbook Pro Bundle – Includes:
– 1 x Macbook Pro 13″ 8GB, 128GB SSD Silver
– 1 x USB-C to USB Adapter
– 1 x Black Sleeve
– 1 x 2.5INCH USB 3.0 1TB Black External HDD
– 1 x 24 Month Extended Warranty with Integrated Battery (add to Manufacturers 12m Wty)
– 1 x St. Hilda’s Software Installation

Backup for  locally stored data on an SSD Drive  critical.  If an SSD drive fails there is little chance of retrieving data.
Apple Computers have a backup solution called Time Machine.  Easy to set up and use. Information here
Model Selection
Both models do everything we require of them for our teaching and learning programmes.

Additional Options  
Both models are available with higher specification and larger hard drives – but extra cost.

Purchasing Process
Purchases are through Cyclone’s online ordering site (requires a password).

The address is:
Choose St Hilda’s Collegiate  from the drop down menu and log in.
Username:  sthildas
Password:  cobden2025

Cyclone Computers contacts is
Verrell Barboza – Schools CSR   03 260 2088

Additional Information

The school provides some additional software your daughter will need. Once a laptop is purchased through Cyclone Computers the computer will be loaded with the school system.
Additional personal software  is not supported by the school IT team.
We do not allow mobile internet connection devices such Vodems or T-Sticks brought to school as the school is required to provide content filtered Internet for students. This includes the boarding hostel.
Specified devices all have very good battery life and students are expected to start each day with enough power to last through the school day.  It is recommended to start each day fully charged as there is only charging available for older devices.
If you prefer to buy elsewhere you can buy any Apple laptop that you choose.   Please bring it to the school for software installation before it is used.
Laptops are used in school primarily as an Education device.  Laptops should not contain  material not suited the school environment and should be used in accordance with the the agreement signed by students.
The school has some loan computers available for hardship situations. Hardship loans are handled very discreetly.  Please contact the Principal Mrs Jackie Barron directly if you need to discuss this option.
The school provides technical support in liaison with Cyclone Computers.  If you experience problems please bring your laptop to the eLearning Office at school in the first instance.

Please email David Young if you have any questions.