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2015 Prefects with Mrs Barron

On Wednesday the rain stayed away for Athletics Day.  As always, the cheerleading standard was very high and provided a great start to the day.  Results are below.  Athletics was followed by the Wine and Cheese/Meet the Teacher Evening hosted by the Parents and Friends Association.  This was a good opportunity for parents to meet Mrs Barron along with form and tutor teachers.

Earlier this afternoon we held our Prefect Commissioning.  The girls were sworn in and presented with their Prefect badges and rings after being blessed by Bishop Kelvin Wright.  A special thanks to family members who attended, particularly those who travelled from out of town.

House voting was held last week to determine two captains for each house.
The following girls were nominated:

Havelock:            Caity Kenny and Claudia Sole
Lawrence:           Maggie Burns and Rose Wood
Nelson:                Kim Paisley and Elle Perriam
Wellington:          Sinnead Flannery and Jane Hendry

Year 9 students are away to camp next week, starting with a City Day on Monday before heading off to River Ridge Retreat on Tuesday.  We hope the girls have a great week.

Summer Quad – Billets Required Please

On February 23/24th February St Hilda’s is hosting Summer Quad.  Billets are required for 120 girls for the nights of 22/23 February.  We would really appreciate it if the St Hilda’s community could assist with accommodating some girls.

Please email tconrad@shcs.school.nz or complete the attached form at the end of this newsletter, if you are able to help.

Student Achievement

A number of cricketers have had a busy summer. Polly Inglis and Bella James have been in the Otago Sparks in the national domestic competition. The Sparks ended up runners up to Wellington in the T20 final played and televised at the University Oval in late January. Polly and Bella along with Sarah Wyber, Georgia Heffernan and Kate Heffernan represented Otago U21 at the national tournament at Lincoln in December. Georgia, Kate, Olivia Gain, Emma Black, Megan Meltzer and Eden Carson all represented Otago U15 at the national tournament.

Cricket is in great shape at St Hilda’s and preparations are underway to qualify for the NZCT finals again in 2015.

Congratulations to all the participants who competed at the Athletic Sports on Wednesday:


Year 7/8 – 1st – Grace Brenssell, 2nd – Annabel Bilkey, 3rd – Alika Croot
Junior – 1st – Millie Scully, 2nd – Cecilia Crooks, 3rd – Beryn Abbott
Intermediate – 1st – Joccoaa Palmer, 2nd – Mikayla Thorn, 3rd – Leonie Palmer
Senior – 1st – Danica Davies, 2nd – Caitlyn George, 3rd – Hayley Shallard
House Points – 1st – Wellington, 2nd – Havelock, 3rd – Nelson, 4th – Lawrence
Cheer Leading – 1st – Wellington, 2nd – Lawrence, 3rd – Nelson , 4th – Havelock


4 x 100m Senior House Relay – 1st – Wellington, 2nd – Nelson, 3rd – Havelock
All 3 teams beat the existing Record

Super 15 Rugby Tickets

Hawkins Construction have kindly donated four corporate lounge-access centre-line tickets for the Super 15 games at the Forsyth Barr Stadium. The next game that we have tickets for is Highlanders vs. Crusaders on February 21 at 7.35pm, followed by the game on Friday 27th against the Reds. The seats are superbly located and you can enjoy pre and after match relaxation via access to the Level 2 and Level 4 hospitality areas.   Tickets will be processed on a first come, first served basis.  Extra tickets may be available.  The price for these tickets is by fair and reasonable donation however we would expect a minimum donation of $25 per ticket. All funds will go to a hardship fund, which enables all students to participate on school camps and sports trips.

The tickets are full lounge access cards and as such will need to be returned to school after the game.  Please email Joanne at jpopa@shcs.school.nz if you are interested in these tickets.

Judy Maw | Assistant Principal

News from Tolcarne

I write this from the office as the girls are sitting in the dining room at a Quiz night hosted by our Head Boarders Amelia and Lucy. By the sounds of things and all the screams and laughter it is going really well!

These last two weeks have been a hive of activity around the hostel with the Year 9’s involved in a very comprehensive Orientation programme. It has been loads of fun…a bus tour of Dunedin, fish and chips at the beach, a trip to Leap Trampoline Park and lots more. We will be finishing the week off with some Valentines baking on Saturday.

Next week our Year 9’s will be off to Camp. Krystal will be taking the girls through a packing session teaching them to pack their bags properly. This will be on Friday night so the girls can identify any items they have missing and can source them over the weekend.

Athletics day this week was once again a super fun day; the girls always put so much effort into dressing up for the day. Here are a few of my favourite costumes.


This weekend is the Thieves Alley Market here in Dunedin at the Octagon. This could be an option for girls at a loss for what to do. A couple of our very own boarders Mackenzie Hollebon and Tessa Forde are doing a gig there with their band.

The Year 13 Leaders Dinner is on tonight. This is a chance for parents of Year 13 girls to come to celebrate them as Leaders of the hostel and join us for dinner. This year our very own Jackie Barron as our guest speaker will entertain us. This is always a lovely night.

Amanda Haggie | Head of Boarding

Summer Quad

Sunday 22nd to Tuesday 23rd February

I am able to take ………………………… billets for the nights of 22/23 February

They will need to be picked up from the St Hilda’s Gymnasium at 4.50pm on the Sunday, and will leave again on Tuesday morning.

They will require lunch on Monday only.

Name:  _________________________________________________   Daughter:  _______________________        Form/Tutor Group ______________________

Contact Phone Number:  ____________________________________




St Hilda’s Athletic Sports 2015
Caledonian Ground Logan Park
11th February Wednesday
Arrive at 8.35am for Roll Call
Junior Under 14
Intermediate 14 – 15 1/2
Senior over 15 1/2
Event Times (approx)
8.45 Line up in Form Classes for Roll Call Records
1 8.55 House Cheer Team Competition
2 9.10 50m Yr 7/8- Heats 8.91 Amelia Scully (2014)
3 Long Jump Senior Champ 5.20m Eilish Forward (2012) Danica Davies (2013)
4 High Jump Yr 7/8 1.33 M Thorn ( 2011)
5 High Jump Jnr Champ 1.55 Meg McKay 2010
6 Shot Put Int Champ 9.91m Libby Jones(2012)
7 Discus Snr Champ 36.29 Libby Jones ( 2014)
8 Ball throw Jnr Non Champ
9 100m Snr Champ – Heats 12.32 D Gibb
10 100m Int Champ – Heats 12.16 Caitlyn George (2014)
11 100m Jnr Champ – Heats 12.87 H Urquhart 2006
12 100m Yr 7/8 Heats 13.87 Amelia Scully (2014)
13 9.30 100m Snr Non Champ – Races
14 100m Int Non Champ  – Races
15 100m Jnr Non Champ – Races
16 10.00 Shotput Int Non Champ
17 Discus Snr Non Champ
18 Tabloid Snr (Yr 11-13)
19 10.15 800m Snr – Heats (Final #50A) 2.16.66 Rebekah Greene ( 2010)
19A 10.20 800m Int – Final 2.27.19 Nikita Fitzgerald 2005
20 800m Yr 7/8 Final
20A 800m Jnr Final 2.27.97 A Begg 2001
21 10.30 Long Jump Int Champ 5.17 A Smith
22 High Jump Snr Champ 1.70 Caity Kenny (2014)
23 Shotput Jnr Champ 10.08 Libby van Harselaar (2014)
23A Shotput Yr 7/8 Champ
24 Discus Int Champ 31.65 Libby Jones(2012)
25 Ball Throw Snr Non Champ
26 Tabloid Yr 7/8
27 10.45 200m Snr Champ Heats 26.6 T Smith
28 200m Int Champ – Heats 25.4 Caitlyn George 2014
29 200m Jnr Champ – Heats 27.9 S McAllum
30 200m Yr 7/8 Heats 29.91 Amelia Scully (2014)
31 200m Snr Non Champ Races
32 200m Int Non Champ Races
33 200m Jnr Non Champ Races
34 11.00 Tabloid Yr 9 & 10
35 Shotput Jnr Non Champ
36 Discus Int Non Champ
37 11.15 1500m Open Final 4.45.07 Rebekah Greene (2011)
38 11.30 Long Jump Jnr Champ 4.95 S. James 2001
39 High Jump Int Champ 1.55 A Dodds 2002
40 Shotput Snr Champ 11.77 Libby Jones (2013)
41 Discus Jnr Champ 27.11 Libby Jones ( 2010)
41A Discus Yr 7/8 Champ
42 Ball throw Yr 7/8
43 12.00 400m Snr Champ Heats 1.00.62 R Lee
44 400m Int ChampHeats 1.01.45 S McAllum
45 400m Jnr Champs Heats 1.04.06 R Scott 2001
46 400m Yr 7/8 01/08/06 Amelia Scully (2014)
47 50M Snr Non Champ Races
48 50M Int Non Champ Races
49 50M Jnr Non Champ Races
50 50M Yr 7/8 Final
50A 800m Snr Final – if needed
Approx 12.15 Lunch Break
51 1.00 800m Open Walk Race 3.59.12 Deb Morris 2006
52 Shotput Snr Non Champ
53 Discus Jnr Non Champ
54 Ball throw Int Non Champ
55 Long Jump Yr 7/8 4.15m Imogen Corbett ( 2012)
56 100m Yr 7/8 Final
57 100m Jnr Champ Final
58 100m Int Champ Final
59 100m Snr Champ Final
60 3 Legged Races Yr 7/8, Jnr. Int, Snr
61 Sack Races Yr 7/8, Jnr, Int, Snr
62 200m Yr 7/8 – final
63 200m Jnr Champ Final
64 200m Int Champ Final
65 200m Snr Champ Final
66 400m Yr 7/8 Final
67 400m Jnr Champ Final
68 400m Int Champ Final
69 400m Snr Champ Final 1.00.35 Rebekah Greene ( 2010)
70 Inter House Relay Jnr 4 x 100m 55 Nelson (2013)
71 Inter House relay Snr 4 x 100m 57.22 Nelson 2006
72 400m Inter House Challenge