Weekly News – Term 1 | Week 3

Shrove Tuesday Inter House Activities


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Today our Year 9 students returned from their camp at River Ridge Retreat.  Mrs Barron had the pleasure of spending the day out there mid week and had a great time with the girls. Special thanks goes to Bee Bradfield and Carla Joint for all their work in organising this. We look forward to hearing from the girls how their week went.

This week in Chapel we have looked at the meaning of Lent. As part of this we have had our Shrove Tuesday, inter house activities and of course we all got to enjoy a pancake courtesy of Tolcarne. On Wednesday we had an Ash Wednesday Chapel service to mark the beginning of Lent. It was a good chance to think about making sacrifices for others.

Yesterday I spoke to Year 10 students about the upcoming Perth Exchange.  Details about this exchange and a timeline for the application process are included with this newsletter.  If you have any questions please contact me at jmaw@shcs.school.nz.

On Monday our swim team will be competing against the other Quad teams at Moana Pool between 12 noon and 12.45pm.  The senior school are asked to quickly put their books away after Period 3, meet their tutor teacher in the upper quad and then walk quickly to the pool.  School will pay the spectator fee for the girls.  We only have an opportunity to support the swimmers every fourth year so we hope the girls will enthusiastically embrace this opportunity.

Next Wednesday we will be holding our annual Academic Blues service.  This is a formal occasion where parents will be attending, and we also are lucky to have Megan Crawford, Marketing and Communications Manager at Dunedin Airport, as our guest speaker.  All students are expected to be in formal uniform for this service.

Good luck to all girls taking part in the Otago Qualifying Touch Tournament on Saturday, the Otago Waterskiing Champs on Sunday as well as students involved in Quad next Monday and Tuesday.

Student Achievement

Bridget Johnstone has made the NZU15 Mixed Touch Team and Abbey Johnston has made the NZU17 Girls Touch Team.

Danica Davies won the Junior Women Heptathlon during the Weekend. In doing this she also broke the Otago Year ‘s 17 – 18 record.

Anna Lindsay has been selected in the NZ 16 – 19 year Age Group Triathlon team to compete at the World Grand Final series.

Congratulations to the following girls for their superb results at the South Island Rowing Club Champs held at the beginning of February:


  • GU16 8+ Claudia Maker, Stella Keown, Josie Cook, Brie Shea, Kate Edwards, Georgia Hay, Gabby Hunter, Lili Sabonadiere, cox Mia Knott


  • WC4x+ Eliza Adams and 3 club rowers
  • GU16 4x+ Claudia Maker, Josie Cook, Georgia Hay, Brie Shea, cox Mia Knott
  • WN4x+ Emily Lynch-Sutherland, Hannah Hedges, Helen Knott, Issie Robertson, cox Anna Frame


  • WN8+ Melissa Gray, Holly Armstrong, Lusia Maiai, Molly Butt, Hannah Hedges, Issie Robertson, Helen Knott, Emily Lynch-Sutherland, cox Anna Frame
  • GU16 4x+ Lili Sabonadiere, Kate Edwards, Gabby Hunter, Imogen Corbett, cox Anna Frame
  • 4th GU16 4+ Lili Sabonadiere, Stella Keown, Georgia Hay, Brie Shea, cox Mia Knott
  • 5th WN4+ Melissa Gray, Holly Armstrong, Lusia Maiai, Molly Butt, cox Anna Frame
  • 5th GU17 2x Lola Garden, Georgia Clark
  • 6th WC1x Eliza Adams
  • 6th GU16 2x Imogen Corbett, Gabby Hunter
  • 6th GU16 1x Josie Cook
  • 7thGU16 1x Claudia Maker
  • 7th WN2x Emily Lynch-Sutherland, Molly Butt

B Finals

  • 2nd WN2x Holly Armstrong, Lusia Maiai
  • 2nd GU15 2x Melissa Gray, Stella Keown
  • 7th GU17 1x Lola Garden
  • 8th GU17 1x Georgia Clarke
Super 15 Rugby Tickets

Hawkins Construction have kindly donated four corporate lounge-access centre-line tickets for the Super 15 games at the Forsyth Barr Stadium. The next game that we have tickets for is on Friday 27th February against the Reds.  There are also four tickets available for the game against the Waratahs on Saturday March 14.  The seats are superbly located and you can enjoy pre and after match relaxation via access to the Level 2 and Level 4 hospitality areas.   Tickets will be processed on a first come, first served basis.  Extra tickets may be available.  The price for these tickets is by fair and reasonable donation however we would expect a minimum donation of $25 per ticket. All funds will go to a hardship fund, which enables all students to participate on school camps and sports trips.

The tickets are full lounge access cards and as such will need to be returned to school after the game.  Please email Joanne at jpopa@shcs.school.nz if you are interested in these tickets.




A Year 10 student at St Hilda’s Collegiate School, Dunedin is selected each year to go to St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, Mosman Park, Perth, Western Australia for Term 2.

Selection Criteria

As well as academic competency, we look for positive, independent, adaptable, self-assured girls who will contribute to and participate in all aspects of school life.


The Schools’ Responsibilities 

  1. There is no exchange of money between schools.  Students continue to pay all fees at their own school.
  2. The school arranges a place at the boarding hostel or home stay in Perth for 2015.
  3. The host families, where appropriate, organise excursions or country trips so that Exchange students see as much of the area as possible.
  4. The school provides, as best it can, a course of study that fits the needs of the Exchange student.  Special attention is paid to the core subjects (i.e. Mathematics, Science, English and Social Science).
  5. The school will ensure that the Exchange student is met and welcomed at the local airport and brought to the school; the same procedure of return.
  6. The school will provide a teacher ‘mentor’ to assist with any problems, queries or arrangements. 

The Students’ Responsibilities

  1. The student must have a current passport.
  2. The student must adhere to the dress code of the host school.  School uniform is provided.
  3. The student must conform to the rules and expectations of her host school.  She must be prepared to concentrate on her studies and do her best in class.
  4. The student should try to become involved in the co-curricular life of her new school.  It is always appreciated if she can contribute in a sport, a cultural activity or a club of some sort.
  5. After the exchange programme, the student should be prepared to report back to her school, in some way, on what she has learned and also help promote the exchange for future students.

The Parents’ Responsibilities 

  1. The parents must agree to pay normal fees at St Hilda’s, Dunedin during their daughter’s exchange visit.
  2. The parents must agree to pay for all transport to and from New Zealand to St Hilda’s, Perth, including to and from the airports.
  3. The parents must agree to pay for any incidental expenses, excursion costs or pocket money at the adopted school.
  4. The parents must agree to pay any internal travel costs associated with visits to places of interest.
  5. The parents should agree to share some responsibility with the school in looking after the return exchange student (July/August) on breaks or weekends.


18 February 2015 Applications available
27 February 2015 at 3.25pm Applications close
3 March 2015 Short-List
6 March 2015 Interviews
9 March 2015 Selection announced

Exchange Dates 21 April – 3 July 2015*

*To arrive on that date or shortly after to suit the Boarding House.

Australian term dates are 21 April to 3 July 2015


Judy Maw | Assistant Principal

News from Tolcarne

This week started with all the Year 9’s up here at Tolcarne as part of their Retreat, prior to their departure to River Ridge. It is always lovely to see our new boarders doing tours with the daygirls, so proud to ‘show it off’. Most of the daygirls want to become boarders after this day.

Lucy Girvan and Caitlyn Henderson spent the afternoon on Sunday preparing a couple of posters to showcase our pet guinea pig, Watson.  It is titled ‘Watson’s Adventure’ and features a day in the life of Tolcarne.


Our Head Boarders have been busy this week organizing the set up of Tolcarne Council. They will have their first meeting next week to discuss any issues and ideas they have for Tolcarne.

Next week with Summer Quad being hosted by St Hilda’s we are hosting 11 billets to stay Sunday and Monday nights. This should be a great competition.

Can I remind parents that the hostel will be closed for the Otago Anniversary long weekend. We close the hostel at 5.00pm on Friday March 20th and reopen on Monday March 23rd at 3.00pm.

Amanda Haggie | Head Of Boarding