Weekly News – Term 4 | Week 3

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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This week the prefects organised a Fun Day for the whole school, with a sausage sizzle and music provided.  The girls really enjoyed the chance to get together as a whole school before seniors commence study leave.

A reminder of St Hilda’s Day on Sunday.  Students need to be in formal uniform at St Paul’s Cathedral by 9.30am for roll call, with a $2 coin for the collection of offering at 9.40am.

Good luck to juniors for their exams next week as well as seniors whose NCEA examinations will begin shortly.

Please note that Careers information is regularly updated on the ‘Events Calendar’ section of the Parent Portal.

Student Achievement

Josie Cook, Olivia Whelan-Henderson and Suzie White gained their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

The following students achieved High Distinction in the Assessment of Languages Competence:

Adithi Alexander
Holly Armstrong
Caroline Burchell
Bronte Chamberlain
Sarah Cochrane
Emma Crampton
Ella Duffull
Kate Edwards
Samantha Ellison
Beth Fitchett
Lucy Gallagher
Gabby Hunter
Sarah Hurdle
Emma Jack
Rachel Kinley
Marie Sophie Naujokat
Sophie Paul
Larissa Reddiex
Laura Simpson
Paris Sinclair
Laura Taylor

Exams and Wellbeing – Some tips to help get through

Exams can be a stressful time. There are, however, some things students can do to help alleviate some of the anxiety. Being prepared is obviously a great start, however this doesn’t always reduce the fear of what’s coming up.

Mindfulness practices are a sure way to help
They actively reduce anxiety and calm the mind and body, majorly increasing the ability for the brain to remember and access information.
This is something that the brain can’t do when it’s stressed or anxious – all it focuses on is survival – the brain doesn’t care about algebra when it thinks it’s in a major life threatening situation!
So it’s important to let the brain know that it’s safe, and that it can relax.
Long, slow, deep breaths (breathe out longer than in) drastically reduces feelings of anxiety.
Try in for five, hold for five, out for five. Do this three times and you’ll notice the difference.

Actively tell yourself that you are safe – that you are studying for exams, but you are not in danger – you know what you’re doing and you’re going to be ok.
Your brain doesn’t know the difference between exam stress and being chased by a lion – you have to tell it.

Be in the moment – what are you studying right now? That’s the thing you are thinking about – not what’s possibly going to be in the exam, or what will happen if you don’t pass.
Being in each moment is the only thing any of us can ever do.  Worrying about what might happen is a great way to feel terrible – and it has never ever been a useful strategy for anyone!

Use your technology The Smiling Mind app is a great mindfulness app for people of all ages. Try it before bed or first thing in the morning.

Stop for a minute and just listen – what sounds can you hear? Listen to them and name them. The brain can only do one thing at a time, so it can’t be worrying about things coming up, if its engaged in the present moment.

And be kind to yourself! You can only ever do the best you can do at any given moment. It’s ok. Take a moment to put your hand on your heart, take a breath and say

May I be kind to myself in this moment,
may I accept this moment exactly as it is
may I accept myself in this moment exactly as I am
may I give myself all the compassion I need to respond to this moment wisely.

Doing this exercise releases oxytocin and makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Old Girl Sophie Morris has an upcoming show at the Glenroy Auditorium.  More details below.


Judy Maw
Assistant Principal