Swimming Sports – Wednesday May 4


The programme for Wednesday’s Swimming Sports can be found here.

Student Briefing

  • Students can wear correct PE Uniform to School on Wednesday 4th May, 2016. Note: house colour t-shirts can only be worn at the pool
  • Shortened classes for Periods 1 – 3
  • Interval from 10:45 – 11:15am (ensure you eat substantial food at this time)
  • Students are to be seated in the Gym in House Groups by 11:15am
  • House Cheerleading commences at 11:15am sharp!
  • Students to walk to Moana Pool at conclusion of cheerleading

Note: cross Royal Terrace and follow Drivers Road to Pool, crossing Drivers Road at the Pedestrian Crossing. Allow the public to pass you without people having to step into the traffic

  • Report outside Moana Pool at 11:45am for Roll call – line up in Form classes
  • After Roll Call, students are to go in, get changed, then be seated in the stands ASAP
  • Programmes to be handed out by House Captains, when all students are seated
  • Championship Events will be held in the deep end of pool, along with Senior and Intermediate Non-Champ Events
  • Novelty, Junior Non-Champ and Y7 & 8 Non-Champ Events are held in the shallow end
  • Novelty Events will be in House Teams – two teams per house, with up to six people
  • NO Face Paint to be worn by anybody
  • Swimming Sports are expected to finish at 3pm. Do not leave the Pool until the pool area is spotless and you have been released by Mrs Joint
  • Students can depart for home / Tolcarne or be picked up by parents directly from the pool after being released.  
  • If you are unable to participate for a medical reason, a note from your caregiver is required to be provided to Ms Mason prior to 10:45am on Wednesday.  Non participants are to report to Ms Farrell / Mrs Joint / Ms Mason upon arrival at the pool, where you will be needed to help with the running of the event.


Relay Events:

  • Class Relay (Freestyle)

Four swimmers per team. These must be organised before the day.

  • 2x House Relay Teams (Freestyle & Medley)

House Captains to organise House Relay Teams


What to bring:

  • Towels, togs, goggles
  • Water to keep hydrated and food


Participate, Support, Encourage and HAVE FUN!