Weekly News – Term 2 | Week 9

Suspect poster 5

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Cast, crew and staff are busy with their final preparations and rehearsals for next week’s production.  Tickets are still available from the student office if you haven’t already purchased them.

A reminder of our upcoming seminar on Helping Your Daughter to Navigate  the 21st Century.  We have already had a good response so far and encourage all parents to attend. This is for parents of girls of all ages, and addresses the key issues our girls are facing and how as a school and parents we can support them. We urge you to check out where the closest seminar to you is being held and put this evening in your diary. Details of the time and venues can be found here.

We are celebrating Founders’ Day on Monday with our end of term Eucharist Service.  The service is being held in the Chapel at 11.30am and we ask that all students, including Year 13, wear formal uniform for this special occasion.

The Arts Prefects have been busy organising the end of term Arts Assembly which will be held on Tuesday.  We have so many girls in the school with such a wide variety of talents and it is always a pleasure to see them up on stage performing in front of the whole school.

The Parents’ and Friends’ Association is currently reviewing the Sports and Cultural Fund to ensure this fund is sustainable and equitable. The updated application process and criteria will be sent out at the beginning of Term 3.

The St Hilda’s Z Club are holding a screening of the documentary “The Hunting Ground” on Wednesday 27th July at 7.00pm. This powerful documentary looks at sexual abuse on college campuses in America and has some very powerful messages. Bookings can be made at the student office. Please see the attached poster for more details.

We do ask parents that wherever possible, appointments such as the doctor, physio and driving lessons, are made outside of school hours to minimise the disruption to learning as we move into a critical time of the year in terms of academic achievement.  Thank you for assisting us with this.

Safety concerns at the corner of Cobden Street and Royal Terrace

The school, New Zealand Police and the DCC have been working together for nearly a year to improve the safety of the Cobden Street/Royal Terrace intersection.  Girls in Years 7 and 11 undertook an extensive traffic survey with Mrs Smith and Mrs Prentice that has supplied data to help make decisions around the best way to create a safe environment when large numbers of girls are crossing the street each day at the beginning and end of school.

Part of the plan is to alter the road markings at this intersection.  This work is under way and we ask that parents respect these new roadworks for the safety of all pedestrians crossing the roads.  This is especially an issue when dropping off and picking up girls from school.

Please click here for information from the DCC that outlines fines that can be imposed for illegal parking near a school.

While you may only stop for a few seconds to pick up or drop off your daughter, you could be endangering the safety of others.  Please choose safe parking over convenience at all times.  Ask your daughter to meet you at a designated spot further away from school if at all possible.

Winter Road Conditions

With more winter road conditions occurring recently, we want to emphasise we would rather your daughter arrive late and safely than being rushed to school.  At all times, parents ultimately need to make the decision as to whether the road conditions in their area are safe or not.

Students walking to school may need to leave earlier on frosty mornings.  We want everyone to take care crossing Cobden Street/Royal Terrace in frosty weather as this is a very slippery intersection.