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Weekly News – Term 4 | Week 7









Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Year 9 students have been busy taking part in Te Reo Week.  Girls have made kites from flax and toi toi, learnt how to use poi, visited the museum and Marae and today created and performed plays based on a Maori myth. There has been some fantastic learning as they immerse themselves in the language and culture of Aotearoa.

The annual Christmas Carol Service is being held at 5.00pm on Sunday 27 November in the Chapel.  All junior students are expected to attend this special service.  Uniform is not required and families are most welcome to attend.

Next week Year 9 students will present their Passion Projects at Monday’s Expo.  This will be held at 5.00pm in the Chapel and all family and friends are welcome to attend.

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Weekly News – Term 4 | Week 6

Students spent the last part of each day journalling as part of Social Justice Week

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Students in Years 7 – 9 have taken part in an Inquiry Week – Social Justice.  The girls have been lucky to hear from a wide range of speakers on a variety of topics and finished the week with a clean up of the Town Belt this afternoon.

Nadine Simpson from ‘Dunedin Welcomes Refugees’
Andrew Innes from Healthy Harbour Watchers

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Weekly News – Term 4 | Week 5

Mrs Prentice with members of her Year 8 class

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

In collaboration with the University of Otago, NZCER have produced a resource for teaching multi literacies using our very own Shannon Prentice and her Year 8 class as an example of best practice.  A video viewing was held yesterday afternoon at school with Mrs Prentice’s class and the students involved.


Lola Garden was invited to present her regional winning speech from the RSA Cyril Bassitt Speech Competition at today’s Armistice Day Service.  The choir were also invited to perform.  It was a cold, miserable morning but the girls performed wonderfully.  A video of the choir is available on the school Facebook page.

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Weekly News – Term 4 | Week 4

Student Crossing Patrol – Lucie Holtz (foreground) and Emma Boult (background)

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

A big thank you to the Dunedin City Council for approving and having the Kea Crossing recently installed on Royal Terrace at our rather tricky intersection with Cobden Street.  Staff and students have been trained in the operation of the crossing by Constable Kerry Fegan, our Police Education Officer.

The crossing runs 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the school day and for 15 minutes at the end of the day.  To allow our students on crossing duty to make good, safe decisions on traffic flow along Royal Terrace it is very important that cars are not double parked obstructing the view.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Thank you also to Mrs Prentice, Mrs Smith, the Year 7 form class and Year 11 Numeracy for gathering the statistical data which was then presented to the DCC in order to convince them that the crossing was necessary.

This week we held our final full school assembly, the last time that the school comes together as one before Prize Giving in December.  Seniors yesterday had their final briefing before NCEA exams commence next week and Year 13 students went to All Saints’ Anglican Church to rehearse for the Leavers’ Dinner.  The first exams are next Thursday and we wish all seniors well.

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