Weekly News – Term 4 | Week 5

Mrs Prentice with members of her Year 8 class

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

In collaboration with the University of Otago, NZCER have produced a resource for teaching multi literacies using our very own Shannon Prentice and her Year 8 class as an example of best practice.  A video viewing was held yesterday afternoon at school with Mrs Prentice’s class and the students involved.


Lola Garden was invited to present her regional winning speech from the RSA Cyril Bassitt Speech Competition at today’s Armistice Day Service.  The choir were also invited to perform.  It was a cold, miserable morning but the girls performed wonderfully.  A video of the choir is available on the school Facebook page.

The school has been a lot quieter this week with only juniors onsite, although we did welcome seniors back into the school yesterday as NCEA examinations began.  Year 10 students sat exams on Monday and Tuesday and have spent the remainder of the week working on their Create a Country Rich Task.  Students are required to create a fictional country, working collaboratively in groups.  They have been busy today putting the finishing touches on creating a market style display of their country and earlier this afternoon gave a five-minute performance to showcase their culture.  We will hopefully be able to share photos from this next week.


We are introducing a school sun hat as we are very aware of the need for sun safety. This is a navy bucket hat and a number of the girls have already acquired one. We will require all girls in Year 7 – 10 to have one. These are available from the school stationery shop for $15.00.

Social Justice Week

The Year 7 – 9 girls will be involved in a very exciting learning experience next week. They will be exploring a variety of issues within the Social Justice topic. Visiting speakers from a number of organisations like “Foodshare”, “Healthy Harbour Watchers” and “Dog Rescue” will provide real world examples of what can be done to make a difference. The girls will be encouraged to look beyond their own situation and investigate and develop a social action plan. We feel this topic is crucial in developing the sense of care and concern for our community that is an integral part of our special character. The programme will involve them working across year levels developing a social action campaign in a real world situation, organizing their time and resources and showing independence and initiative across a number of curriculum areas. This multi level, student centred experience is a great example of 21st Century learning and the students will gain a great deal from this.

 As the final part of this week the girls in Years 8 and 9 will be going into the local community to provide voluntary service to various organisations as a continuation of the junior service day initiative in 2015.

PFA Soap Fundraiser

Many thanks to those families who have sold the Eco Store soap. We would really appreciate the rest in.

Year 10 students depart for Camp Tautuku on Monday and we wish them well for a safe and enjoyable week.

Student Achievement

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected for Otago Touch Teams:

U12 Girls
Luana Ashton

U14 Girls
Danielle Ferguson
Sarah Langsbury
Ruby Williams

U16 Girls
Beryn Abbott
Savannah Cleland
Jaide Dixon
Olivia George
Amelia Scully
Annie Timu

U18 Girls
Arnika Buchan
Jess Faulks
Abbey Johnston
Biddi Johnstone
Hannah McStay
Olivia O’Neill
Paige Thomson
Meg Timu

Last week we had 28 Year 7 & 8 students compete at the North Zone Otago Primary and Intermediate Athletics competition. We had some great results with St Hilda’s qualifying in eight events into the Otago Primary and Intermediate Schools Athletics Competition which will be held on November 15:

1st 13+ High Jump & 3rd 13+ Long Jump – Alika Croot
1st U13 High Jump – Meg McLaughlan
4th U12 70m Hurdles – Breane Byck
4th U13 200m Relay – SHCS A
5th U12 200m Relay – SHCS A, 6th – SHCS B
5th 13+ 200m Relay – SHCS A

Shanae Barton has been made an Artist Member by the Otago Art Society due to her exhibiting in two high profile art exhibitions this year.