Weekly News – Term 2 | Week 1

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to Term 2.  It was great to start the term with valuable conversations about your daughter’s learning. The insights we all gain from these allow us to make the most of all learning opportunities.

There have been some chilly mornings already this week so it is timely to remind you of our snow day/late start procedures.

In the case of a school closure or late start due to weather conditions the system is now coordinated for all 12 secondary schools.  It will be broadcast on Radio Dunedin 106.7FM, 95.4 FM, 1305AM and other Media Works stations by 7:00am.

We will email parents by 7:00am and a notification will also be published on the Parent Portal and Facebook page.

Should conditions in your area be different to those in the rest of the city you must make individual decisions based on what is safest for your family.

Once girls are at school we encourage you not to text them regarding school closures.  If this were to eventuate we would email parents immediately.  This information is always available on the Parent Portal under ‘Informational Links’.

The Year 9 students have been busy exploring Te Reo and aspects of Maori culture. Next week they will stay at the Otakau Marae as the final activity in this programme.

Congratulations to Amy Jones who was awarded Top Scholar in Painting at the annual Top Scholar Awards Ceremony hosted at Parliament on 3 May 2017.

Good luck to all winter sports codes who are competing this weekend.

The Dunedin tertiary institutions will be holding their annual Tertiary Open Day on Monday 8 May. Year 13 students are not required to attend school on this day and are encouraged to plan a day of exploration around the various campuses.  More information on what is on offer can be found here.

From the PFA

The Mid Winter Extravaganza is on Friday 30 June at the College of Education Auditorium on Union Street from 6.00pm – 8.30pm: tickets to the event will cost $25pp and will be available to purchase from the student office in the coming weeks. Raffles will also be for sale on the night at $2 a ticket.

Request for raffle prizes
To help raise money to top up the Sports and Cultural Fund that has helped so many of our girls attend events in recent years, we will also be offering raffles on the night.  If any families would like to donate items (products, vouchers, non perishable food, wine, beauty products) for the raffle prizes, please drop these at the school office or email Tracy Lamb or Jo Galer to arrange an alternative.

Dunedin Fonebook

We have been given an exciting opportunity to work with Michelle Chalklin Sinclair and Judith Cullen to fundraise using the Dunedin Fonebook.  The Fonebook features gorgeous photos of Dunedin and delicious recipes from Judith Cullen and makes a great book for your coffee table or gift for out of town friends and family members.

Copies of the Fonebook are available to purchase from the student office for $38 each.

Entertainment Books
Please remember if you are not wanting to purchase an Entertainment Book that it needs to be returned to the student office.

Chapel Matters

This term the Anglican Family Care collection for Founders’ Day (our Eucharist service at the end of term) is based on how Sisters Geraldine and Etheleen started the school with only £41 – they had to really use this wisely and creatively to make it stretch and to fulfil their dream of starting our school.
So on Wednesday, AFC brought $5 for each whanau group to see what they can do with it over the term. What can they do with “just” $5, like the Sisters with their £41, to turn it into an amount that will really help AFC make a difference?
This also ties in with a parable Jesus told (Matthew 24.14-30) where a master gave his slaves some of his money to look after while he went away – some of them decided to play it safe and just buried it, and returned it to the master when he came back, but others took risks with it and doubled it. The ones who took risks were rewarded, while he was angry at the ones who played it safe and punished them.

At the end of the term, at Founders’ Day, each whanau group will give back what they raised. It will be exciting to see what creative ideas they have to turn $5 into a lot more!

Tolcarne News

On Sunday the girls slowly started arriving back at Tolcarne with smiles on their faces and everyone was excited to catch up with their friends.  The girls and families arrived after their Learning Conversations and we finally had a full house by Monday night.  We welcome two new boarders to Tolcarne – Isabelle Dwyer in Year 12 and Emily White in Year 11.  Our Year 12 boarding leaders have been working together organising their duty rosters with Robyn.

This weekend the girls staying in the hostel have the option of going to a movie on Friday night with Lisa and Teresa and on Sunday going to the Tactix vs the Steele and the Beko netball games.

On Sunday Mrs Rathbone, Robyn and  students Emma O’Meara and Tia Dougherty are off on tour for our Country Visits with Mrs Dey and Mrs Barron.  We will be visiting Kurow, Ranfurly, Wanaka, Arrowtown, Winton, Waikaka and Balclutha and return to Tolcarne on Wednesday evening.  Stella Keown has worked very hard and produced a Tolcarne video with our senior girls interviewing other Tolcarne students, which we are proud to show off to prospective students.

Student Achievement

Lillian Gibbs achieved a distinction in her Grade 4 Piano St Cecilia on 13th April (88%); and is also being awarded the silver medal for music in the Dunedin Trinity Board exam area for achieving the top mark for her Grade 8 Singing exam in November last year (89%, also a distinction).  Lillian will be awarded her medal at a special Trinity Award ceremony being held today. The silver medal is the highest award that Trinity awards to those doing grades in Music and this is the second time in three years that Lillian has been awarded the medal.

At the 2017 Interschools Equestrian Competition Jenna Prendergast placed 4th in Individual Dressage L:1 Class 1, Anna Prendergast placed 4th= in Individual Dressage L:1 Class 3 and the St Hilda’s team placed 4th= in Team Dressage.