Weekly News – Term 3 | Week 4

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Earlier this week we opened the application forms for students to apply for Cultural, Service and Sport Blues.  Forms can be accessed via the student homepage or the page ‘Blues Evening’ located under Informational Links to the right hand side of this page.  Applications must be made by the student using their St Hilda’s email log in details.

Applications close at 5.00pm on Tuesday 12 September.  Some dance genres have competitions and examinations later so we ask that students put in an initial application before the deadline, noting that results are pending. The site will reopen for one day on 25 September for updates to these applications.

Good luck to our students who are involved in the NZCAF Hip Hop/Aerobics Regional competition this weekend.

Upcoming Events

We are holding a parent seminar on Monday 28 August at 7.00pm – Looking over the Horizon: Learning, Young Women and Change, hosted by Professor Erica McWilliam.  We ask that you RSVP to admin@shcs.school.nz if you would like to attend.  Erica’s presentations are entertaining, challenging and informative and we are delighted that we have been able to secure a date when she could work with our staff and community. This is a seminar not to be missed!

We will also be holding a Community Health Consultation Evening at 7.00pm on Thursday 31 August in the library.  This evening provides an opportunity to discuss the health curriculum.  Please RSVP to admin@shcs.school.nz if you would like to attend.

Chapel Matters

Although the days are feeling more “springy” at the moment, we are still in the season of Winter.  In the Church Calendar, however, we are in the season of “Ordinary Time.” The meaning of  “ordinary” comes from the mathematical concept of “ordinal numbers” whereby we order  numbers, such as first, second and third.

The church counts the weeks between Easter and  Advent, and so this means we are currently in the 19th Week of Ordinary Time.  When we are “counting the days” until an important event – perhaps until school exams, or a special birthday – we can be tempted to think that these “ordinary” days are empty and not special.  But I think one of the challenges for us is to make each day special by noticing and appreciating the little, ordinary, everyday things around us.  In chapel this week, we looked at the “ordinary” objects of water, stones, and flowers in our whanaungatanga groups and let them speak to us in extraordinary ways.

Someone once said, “The best days are when you don’t need anything extreme or special to happen to make it great.  You just appreciate and enjoy what is, and that is perfect enough.”  And the Psalmist also reminds us that, “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118.24).

From the Z Club

The Z Club are holding a movie night on Thursday 24 August at 6:30pm in Whitby Hall. They will be screening Hidden Figures.  Tickets are $8 per person, which includes a complementary ice-cream, chocolate bar and fizzy drink.  This event is open to all so feel free to bring along your whole family or friends from other schools. Contact the student office for ticket details.  All money raised will go towards helping children from lower socio-economic backgrounds access extra-curricular activities (including sports, cultural and academic activities).

Please also remember that the St Hilda’s Z Club are running a sanitary items drive. There is a box in the student foyer where girls can drop off pads and or tampons, all of which will be donated to charity. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable bringing sanitary items along to school but they still want to donate, there will also be a money box where you can put some cash and  items will be purchased on your behalf.  Please bring along some items to support women in our community.

Tolcarne News

Robert Pere​ira’s staff training on Monday was well received with staff learning a positive and communicate technique when facilitating bullying and other confronting teenage issues.  Our hostel girls from Year 9-12 all attended year level workshops in the evenings and from their feedback they all had a ‘take away’ message, specifically​ a better understanding about the thoughts of the bully and the victim and how to become an empowered bystander.

On Thursday night we had our dinner swap, with half of our girls having dinner at John McGlashan College and the other half hosting the boys in our dining room. The boys at Tolcarne enjoyed our favourite; lasagne and chocolate brownie. Our tribe leaders and Izzy Perkins led the after dinner activities​; three rounds of competitive kahoot and a version of speed dating with a set of ‘getting to know you’ questions.  It was great to see all the boarders interacting and building connections.

Many of our girls are getting ready for a competitive weekend, with either hiphop, aerobics or netball competitions.

Student Achievement

A number of students completed projects for the 2017 Otago Science and Technology fair. This was an opportunity to showcase their scientific thinking and an understanding of the accepted scientific investigative process, as well as their creative and communication skills.  The following girls did particularly well, gaining one or more prizes:

Bella Gilmour  
University of Otago – School of Physiotherapy Award

Olivia Hall 
NZ Association of Optometrists Award

Hannah Hardiman
University of Otago – Department of Botany Award

Ella Hodgson
Aurora Award

Amelia Johnston
Dairy NZ Award

Belle King-Begg
Otago Medical Research Foundation Award

Annika Marriner
Aurora Award
University of Otago – Department of Psychology Award

Ella Morshuis
University of Otago – Department of Zoology Award

The following students gained a Distinction award in the recent ICAS Science competition:

Year 8
Emma de Lange

Year 9
Meg Rogers

Year 10
Holly Bissett

Year 10
Lily Hornal

The competition is designed to cater for a wide range of student abilities, with skills tested including observing and measuring, interpreting visual data, predicting and concluding, investigating, reasoning and problem solving.

With the curling season drawing to the end, the girls are starting to come into their own.
This week’s games saw all three Novice B grade teams win their game (well, one was a default, but we will take it.)  The Spice Girls had a triumphant game, defeating Otago Boys 3-0. This was despite the boys trying to bamboozle captain Maddie Guthrie into placing a stone in the wrong place.  Curl Power are still recovering from illness, but the team pulled together and defeated Otago Girls 6-0. They got the measure of the ice early on and placed their stones strategically.  With only two weeks to go of the season, the teams have developed so much. Curling looks to be strong for the 2018 season.

Catherine Davidson entered the Edinburgh Realty Premier Art Awards and was invited to be part of the 2017 Exhibition.

Swimming Sports Results – Overall Category Placings 


1st – Cecilia Crooks

2nd – Nicole Heaton
3rd – Nicole Ruske

1st – Jessica Scott
2nd – Olivia Andrew
3rd – Natalie Hutchens


1st – Emma Andrew
2nd – Meg McLaughlan
3rd – Sophie Smith

Year 7 and 8
1st – Ella – Rose Crooks
2nd – Laura Milne
3rd – Amelia Johnstone

Good luck to the Senior A Netball team as they take on Southern in the Dunedin Premier Netball final tomorrow at 12:30pm at the Edgar Centre.

Good luck to our Senior A Hockey team who will play Columba in the Dunedin Secondary School final on Monday at 7:30pm at the McMillan Turf.