Weekly News – Term 2 | Week 7

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Poetry In Action’s theatre company’s Team Raven visited St Hilda’s this week. For year 11 students, they gave an emotional and affecting performance focusing on the WW1 poet Wilfred Owen’s life and works. Not only did they dramatise key moments in his life from his religious upbringing, to the trenches and his pivotal meeting with Siegfried Sassoon, they also dramatised and analysed some of his most famous works such as Futility and Anthem for Doomed Youth. It ended with a retrospective look by the UK’s poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy’s  Last Post which takes inspiration from Owen’s iconic poem Dulce Est and thinks about what if history could be rewound.

For the year 10’s, Poetry in Action looked at the concept of Fact Vs Fiction. In an age where alternative facts are used and clickbait entices us everywhere, they made us realise that we should question everything we are given in the media; to consider its origin, the writer or presenter and examine the language that is used. They used real life examples such as Trump’s inauguration and fictional retelling of real events, where the Aristotelian idea of Pathos was used to garner the reader’s sympathy.

Both explored words and the power of words. In an age where images are used so graphically, it was good to be reminded that words still have the power to excite, that they are worth examining to get to the truth of the matter.

“All a poet can do today is warn. That is why the true Poets must be truthful.” Owen

We have secured a new date for the annual St Hilda’s Cross Country seeing this was cancelled at the end of term 1 due to the weather. This will be taking place in two weeks time on Wednesday 27 June from 1:00pm – 3:15pm at Ross Creek starting on the John McGlashan Field – All girls will be bused there from school but will need to make their own way home at the conclusion of the event. Ross Creek is an awesome place to run/walk/jog so we are very lucky to be able to use it to host our Cross Country – Fingers crossed the weather is on our side this time!

Over the past two weeks Years 7, 8 and 10 have been taking part in the Girls’ Self Defence Project funded by the Ministry of Social Development and ACC. The girls learn how to think and act confidently, to be aware of their safety, verbal and physical skills to keep themselves safe and to seek support if needed.

From the Guidance Network

‘Understanding and dealing with rejection is an essential life skill if your child is to live a happy, successful personal and professional life.’ Click here for suggestions from Ann Heathcote, founder of The Worsley Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling, about how you can help your daughter to deal with the realities of life.


Chapel Matters

As you will know, at the end of every term we have a Eucharist Service. The word “eucharist” comes from the Greek word “eu” (meaning “good” or “well,” as in the word “eulogy” where someone speaks well of a person) and “charis” (meaning “grace” or “gift”). So “eucharist” means the “good gifts” or “good grace” of God – the gifts of bread and wine which we are thankful for (literally and/or symbolically!). It is also appropriate then that we share or pass on the goodness and grace we have received with others as a sign of our gratitude. As a school, one of the ways we do this is to support Anglican Family Care in some practical way leading up to our end-of-term Eucharist Service. This term AFC have asked if we can provide some clothing items for their social workers to support families with new babies who will struggle to keep warm (and healthy) over winter. Each whanaungatanga group is being asked, therefore, to provide one item of warm, woolly, winter clothing for a baby. If you wanted to donate anything over and above this please feel free to drop any items to me at school or directly to AFC at the office (266 Hanover Street, the old McKenzie & Willis building). They would be very grateful, as would many Dunedin families and babies!


Careers News and Events

New information has been added to the careers page.  To view visit the Career Events calendar.

Tolcarne News

Last weekend we had a large group of Year 9 students head off to play laser tag and mini golf at the Megazone in Dunedin. Well done to Fiona Hunt who won the laser tag, and Rosie Dykes for winning the mini golf. This weekend there is a group of students giving a boxing class a go! Have fun!


This week our Year 12 and 13 students were incredibly privileged to have ‘Dots’ Communication presented by Amy Scott. ‘Dots’ is about finding out your communication style and learning to recognize others communication style so that you can connect with new people instantly, and work with them to achieve in many areas of life. Our staff participated in a morning course with Amy at the beginning of the year and have found the understandings and language very useful in our team environment. It was so exciting to have Amy back to share her knowledge so that the students could begin to understand what we mean when we are “feeling a bit ‘yellow’ today!”


Student Achievement

Congratulations to the team of Emma Boult, Lily Knox, Kate McEwan and Courtney Lloyd for their success at the 48hr Fim Festival Dunedin City Finals. The girls took out Best School Team, Best use of one of the required elements and 4th overall.


We had a highly successful  Otago Netball Championships over Sunday 10 and Monday 11 June with St Hilda’s doing very well.
Congratulations to:


The Senior A ‘s was placed first beating Columba in the final 33 -20.
The Year 10 A team placed 3rd beating Otago Girls 24 -20.
The Year 9 A’s placed 2nd losing to Taieri 15 -20 in its final.


Well done to Jessica Scott who has been selected for the New Zealand Team to compete at the 2018 State Teams Age Group Swimming Championships at the Australian Sports Institute in Canberra in October

Olivia O’Neill who has been selected for the NZ U18 Girls Touch team to compete in the Youth World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August. Olivia has also been named as a co captain of the team. Congratulations Olivia!