Weekly News Term 3/Week 4

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

A Note from The Principal

We are really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Parent Seminars that we are holding, starting this Sunday. Thank you to those who have already signed up – we are delighted to be sharing important information and ideas with you. Please see details below and RSVP to the School Office if you intend to join us.

The Gala Concert the was a fabulous event last night, and it was great to see so many of you supporting your very talented daughters. It was a wonderful fundraiser for the Hip Hop, and Aerobics groups and Sings Hilda, as they all look to perform at their respective national championships in the near future.

A lot of the winter sports are coming to the business end of the season with semis and finals on the horizon. We wish all our teams the very best for these tight competitions

Back to the Future day is being held today, and it has been fantastic to welcome parents into our classrooms and let them experience what it is like to be a learner at St Hilda’s. Thank you to those parents who took up the opportunity and who have contributed to our classes for the day. What wonderful role models you are for your daughters!! #lifelonglearners

 Jackie Barron

 Seminars Reminder: Please RSVP to the School Office with an indication of which venue you will be attending.

Anxiety, depression and unrelenting standards of perfection. How to Parent for Wellbeing

New Zealand is leading the world in appalling youth mental health statistics.

Come and hear what your daughters have told us about their own feelings and experiences and explore research based strategies on how to support our young women by parenting for Wellbeing.

These workshops will be really useful for all parents. You are welcome to bring friends, family and colleagues to share these interactive workshops.

We all need to be involved in the increasingly important discussions around youth and wellbeing.

See the dates and venues below for our upcoming seminars.

Balclutha – 2 pm Sunday 19 August – Rosebank Lodge, 265 Clyde Street.

Gore – 7 pm Sunday 19 August – Heartland Hotel Croydon, 100 Waimea Street. (PLEASE NOTE ADJUSTED TIME)

Cromwell – 7 pm Monday 20 August – The Gate, 6 Barry Avenue.

Oamaru – 7 pm Wednesday 22 August – Oamaru Opera House, 94 Thames Street.

Dunedin – 7 pm Thursday 30 August – St Hilda’s Collegiate School

Please RSVP to the School Office with and an indication of which venue you will be attending.

Reports and Learning Conversations

Many thanks for your feedback around our reporting practices. We are always trying to make sure we are communicating on your daughter’s learning in the most effective way and your feedback will inform changes we make in future reporting. At the end of next week you will receive your daughter’s Interim Report. This report is focussed on her learning behaviours and attitude. These areas are crucial for developing flexible, resilient learners. Senior students will receive an NCEA progress report following benchmark examinations. This will be emailed out in Wk 10. Learning conversations will be held for all girls at the end of the term three and into term four.

 Enrolment Process

From time to time the Board and staff field questions about the enrolment system and how a student can be assured of (or sometimes precluded from) a place with us.

The simple answer is that there is no way to “game” the system.  As an integrated school, we have specific obligations surrounding our enrolment practices that we must adhere to.

Potential students must meet the special character preference criteria before becoming eligible for entry via the chronological order of application (for yr 7 applications received before the 1st October 2017) route or the ballot. Special character preference eligibility is determined by a sub-committee comprising 2 members of the Board of Proprietors and the Rev Dr Steven Benford, the Anglican Bishop of Dunedin.  Members of the Board of Trustees, our Staff and our Principal have no input into that decision-making process.

Once special character eligibility has been determined, some applicants may gain preferential entry by virtue of having a sister at the school or by being the daughter of a current staff member.

Once those places are filled and assuming there are more potential students than places still available each remaining applicant is assigned a number.  Those numbers are placed in a hat (well an ice-cream container in my experience!) and the numbers are drawn and recorded in sequence.  The “draw” is undertaken by the BOT Chair or another Trustee and the Principal.  Once the numbers are drawn they are matched to applicant names and offers of a place are made according to sequence in which the  numbers were drawn from the ballot.

Year 11-13 Subject Selection – Portal reminder

The portal to enter your daughters 2019 Year 11-13 subject selection is now open and will close again on Monday 27 August. The portal can be accessed via the Parent Portal and the link in the online Academic Programme. Please get in touch with the school office in the first instance if you have forgotten your login details.

Chapel Matters

Over the last year or so, I have done a few chapels on the idea of cultivating a
Naked Spirituality. This is the idea that when we think of who we are as spiritual
beings, there is a real sense in which we have to strip away all our outer layers so
we can be true to who we really are. Spirituality is not about dressing up in our
Sunday best and participating in stuffy, starchy religiosity, but it is about attending
to the well-being of our naked, vulnerable souls.

Previously I have looked at three key words that start us on this path: “Here,”
“Thanks,” and “O!” This week I looked at the word “Sorry.” The ability to examine
ourselves, to admit mistakes, and to process failure, is a huge marker of a healthy
spirituality. Being able to be honest with God and with others about our wrongs,
failures, sins, faults, and other shameful secrets, keeps us humble and reminds us
that we are complex beings who have the capacity to change and become.

If we name our wrong while we breathe out, we can hold the word mercy, or grace, as we inhale. Breathing our regret, breathing in mercy: this is the life-sustaining rhythm of a naked spirituality – stripping away our pretence so we can stand before God as we truly are, with our hands and hearts open, letting go of our wrongs, and ready to receive compassion and grace and forgiveness.

Tolcarne News

Last weekend the Year 9 students enjoyed a fun trip to Leap to give the new Clip ‘n’ Climb facility a go. It was a great challenge, and the girls had a lot of fun. This weekend there are a few students heading to the Orokonui Bird Sanctuary to see the birds and go for a beautiful walk.
Mrs Rathbone had a financial and student loan tutorial with a few Year 13 students on Tuesday. She not only went over the ins and outs of how to apply for a student loan, but also went into detail about the PAYE system and how Kiwisaver works. It was very informative and the girls found it incredibly useful.
Janine Southby has come into Tolcarne a few times this term to talk to our Year 12 Boarding Leaders. Her focus has been on leadership; the different qualities and values of a leader, how leaders can be effective, highlighting all the different types of leaders there are, and how important public speaking. The Boarding Leaders have been given a lot to think about, and have begun to apply Janine’s advice to their roles in the hostel.

Health and Safety

Please do not encourage your daughter to walk along the school side of Royal Terrace where the building is progressing. She could be endangered with heavy equipment and truck movements.

Don’t forget to have your say – NCEA Review process

The Ministry of Education is presently looking at ways to strengthen NCEA and is exploring a variety of ways to gain feedback from different stakeholders. They want to hear from parents and students and ask you to join in the conversation to submit your ideas, experiences and suggestions for change:  conversation.education.govt.nz/NCEA

We urge you to visit this site to see the ways in which you can give your views.

As a school, we will be talking with students and plan to run a parent seminar on 12th September as part of the consultation process.

Return of 2017 Cups and Trophies

It is that time of year again where we ask for the return of all cups and trophies presented in 2017. This assists us in the preparation of this year’s awards evening and Prize Giving.

These may be left at the main office. Thank you.

Careers News and Events

 To view visit the Career Events calendar.

A reminder to check the Sports Draws page of the website to keep up to date with match times. The netball draws are posted each week in readiness for the weekend’s matches.

 Student Achievement

Congratulations to Olivia O’Neill who recently returned from Kuala Lumpar competing for the New Zealand U18 Girls Touch Team in the Youth World Cup. Olivia and her team finished 2nd after an exciting but challenging 4 days of competition in 35 degree heat

A big congratulations to our Year 7 & 8 Netball Team who won the final this week.

Coming up…
A number of sports finals are being played next week, please see below for times and venues. Would be great to see you down there supporting the girls
Hockey Finals – Monday 20 August
St Hilda’s Junior XI v Taieri College XI 5:40pm at McMillan Turf

St Hilda’s 2nd XI v Taieri College 1st XI 6:40pm at McMillan Turf

St Hilda’s 1st XI v Columba College 1st XI 7:40pm at Mcmillan Turf
Rugby Final – Wednesday 22 August
St Hilda’s 1st XV v Otago Girls 1st XV 4:30pm at Logan Park