Weekly News Term 3|Week 5

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

A Note from The Principal

Reminder – School is closed on Monday 3rd September for a Teacher Only Day.

This is an important opportunity for staff to undertake professional learning and development on our special character and building positive learning relationships.

I was so proud this week to stand on the sidelines at the Hockey and Rugby finals. Not only did St Hilda’s make a clean sweep of the hockey finals, winning all four games, but I also watched our teams triumph in two rugby matches as well. Tight, pressured games, close scores, penalty shoot outs, last minute tries – the week of sporting drama had it all! I was really impressed with the calm, but determined, resilient attitudes of our athletes, and also delighted to see so many loud, passionate, and truly enthusiastic supporters on the sidelines as well. There really was a wonderful feeling of community and ‘Better Together’, and I am grateful for the assistance of parents who also helped everyone to be able to attend. Good luck to the other sporting codes, who still have finals ahead of them.

A special thanks too, to all the parents who have attended the Parent Seminars on Wellbeing. I am very grateful to have such high quality staff, who are prepared to be away from school and their families, to support our community and help us all develop strategies to assist our girls. Shannon Prentice, Marcelle Nader-Turner and Ange Rathbone, are a formidable, and passionate team, and we have had great feedback on the quality of their presentation, and the value of the knowledge they share. The last seminar is here in the school Chapel at 7.00pm on Thursday 30th August – and we look forward to seeing you there.

There is a lot happening at school at the moment, so please take the time to read all the parts of this newsletter –

Jackie Barron

Year 11-13 Subject Selection – Portal reminder

The portal to enter your daughters 2019 Year 11-13 subject selection is now open and will close again on Monday 27 August. The portal can be accessed via the Parent Portal and the link in the online Academic Programme. Please get in touch with the school office in the first instance if you have forgotten your login details.

Seminar Reminder: Please RSVP to the School Office 

Anxiety, depression and unrelenting standards of perfection. How to Parent for Wellbeing

New Zealand is leading the world in appalling youth mental health statistics.

Come and hear what your daughters have told us about their own feelings and experiences and explore research based strategies on how to support our young women by parenting for Wellbeing.

This seminar will be really useful for all parents. You are welcome to bring friends, family and colleagues.

We all need to be involved in the increasingly important discussions around youth and wellbeing.

Dunedin – 7 pm Thursday 30 August – St Hilda’s Collegiate School

Please RSVP to the School Office

Reports and Learning Conversations

Today you will receive your daughter’s Interim Report. This report is focussed on her learning behaviours and attitude. These areas are crucial for developing flexible, resilient learners. Senior students will receive an NCEA progress report following benchmark examinations which will start on Thursday 13th September. This will be emailed out in Wk 10. Learning conversations will be held for all girls at the end of the term three and into term four on the following dates:


Wk 9 Thursday 20th September  6:00 pm-8:00 pm (Day Girls)
Wk 10 Tuesday 25th September 6:00 pm-8:00 pm (Day Girls)
Wk 10 Friday 28th September 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm (Boarders)


Wk 10 Friday 28th September  1:00 pm – 3:30 pm(Boarders)
Wk 1 (Term 4) Tuesday 16th October  6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Day Girls)

We have specified junior, senior, day girl and boarder to maximise the interview time.

Blues Application Process 2018

Applications for Cultural, Service and Sports Blues and Awards were announced at our full school assembly 31 August 2018.

These application links are located on the student homepage under the heading “Blues Application” and close on 14 September at 5:00 pm.  

All successful applicants will be notified of their attendance at the invitation only Blues Awards evening by the end of September.

The Blues Award evening, an invitation only event, will be held on 26 October commencing at 7:00 pm in the School Chapel.

Junior Dances

The junior dances that had to be postponed will be held in the first week of Term Four. The Year 7&8 dance will be on Wednesday 17th October from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm and the Year 9&10 dance will be on Thursday 18th October from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Chapel Matters

Sooner or later in life, we need to accept two truths that both the Bible and the theory of
evolution teach us: firstly, that life isn’t supposed to be easy, and secondly, that struggle can lead to growth. And in order to expand and evolve into the human beings that God wants us to be, we will inevitably need to reach out for resources that we don’t have yet; we will need to ask for help. Otherwise, if we feel that all our happiness and safety depends on us, we will be increasingly self-focused and anxious, and the story of our life will shrink to “me worrying about me for my sake.” But by practising using the simple prayer, “Help!” our life story can expand to “me trusting God to take care of me so I can focus on caring for others, for God’s sake.”

Anxiety tempts us to see catastrophe all around us, and we shrink into what Phoebe Palmer calls our primitive mind – we sink into reptilian scripts that limit our options to fight, flee or freeze. But by calling on God and others for help, we are able to reframe our anxieties into opportunities for growth. For example, if our reptilian brain tells us we need to fight because we feel threatened by someone, then we can ask for mercy to forgive them or wisdom to know how to work towards reconciliation with them. If our brain screams at us to flee because a situation is stressful, we can request patience to help us endure it or insight into why we are so reactive. If our brain whispers to us to freeze, because someone is mad at us, we can ask for courage to stand tall or humility to accept that we have done something wrong.

Whatever it is we are dealing with, there is an enormous power in simple words. In calling out, we might even discover the Compassionate God who is our gracious friend, and we don’t have to earn anything, deserve anything, or merit anything, to bring our needs to God.

Tolcarne News

Tolcarne is closed from 5:00 pm Friday 31st August and reopens 3:00 pm Monday 3rd September.

Come along to our Spring Clothes Sale Fundraiser and freshen up your wardrobe for spring!
Date: Thursday, 13 September

Time: From 7pm

Location: St John’s Church Hall, 373 Highgate, Dunedin

Doors open at 7pm and you’ll be greeted with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine or juice on arrival and goody bags for the first 50 guests. There will be nibbles, tea and coffee available free of charge, and additional wine available to purchase.

100% of proceeds go to supporting Otago children to have safe, healthy and happy lives.

Tickets are $10. Book online or call 03 477 0801.

Health and Safety

Please do not encourage your daughter to walk along the school side of Royal Terrace where the building is progressing. She could be endangered with heavy equipment and truck movements.

Don’t forget to have your say – NCEA Review process

The Ministry of Education is presently looking at ways to strengthen NCEA and is exploring a variety of ways to gain feedback from different stakeholders. They want to hear from parents and students and ask you to join in the conversation to submit your ideas, experiences and suggestions for change:  conversation.education.govt.nz/NCEA

We urge you to visit this site to see the ways in which you can give your views.

As a school, we will be talking with students and plan to run a parent seminar on 12th September as part of the consultation process.

Return of 2017 Cups and Trophies

It is that time of year again where we ask for the return of all cups and trophies presented in 2017. This assists us in the preparation of this year’s awards evening and Prize Giving.

These may be left at the main office. Thank you.

Careers News and Events

 To view visit the Career Events calendar.

A reminder to check the Sports Draws page of the website to keep up to date with match times. The netball draws are posted each week in readiness for the weekend’s matches.

 Student Achievement

What a night it was for St Hilda’s Hockey on Monday evening taking out all three divisions in the Otago Hockey Secondary School Girls Competition

1st XI defeated Columba 1st XI 2-1 to win the division 1 final

2nd XI defeated Taieri 1st XI 1-0 in an exciting penalty shoot out to win the division 2 final

Junior XI defeated Taieri 2nd XI 1- 0 to win the division 3 final

3rd XI also won their final game of the season 7 – 0

Well done on a fantastic season girls

Congratulations to our 1st XV Rugby Team who also took out the Otago Secondary School Girl’s 1st XV final on Wednesday in a very exciting game 37-31

Coming up –
St Hilda’s Swimming Sports 
Wednesday 29th August 1pm – 3:15pm at Moana Pool