Weekly News – Term 1|Week 9

Assembly focus

by Madeline Bilkey and Riley Miller

The Enviro Club had the opportunity to organise students from our school to take part in the Climate Change March, which was held a fortnight ago on Friday the 15th of March. Marches throughout the world were being carried out on the same day, an initiative driven by Greta Thunberg, in Sweden. Greta is a 16 year old girl who has become internationally known for her activism on Global Warming and Climate Change.

As a school, we were really lucky that St Hilda’s made the decision to allow all students who have strong feelings about the impact of Climate Change, to take part, providing they had permission from their parents. This was very significant as some schools in Dunedin and throughout the rest of the country did not recognise the importance of the March. We all felt very grateful for St Hilda’s stance on this. Around 150 students attended from St Hilda’s, which was an amazing response.

The Enviro Club had a couple of afternoons preparing banners and many students also made their own banners at home.

The experience was so empowering as we all walked down to the Dental School, to join the other schools taking part. Logan Park High School as the planners of the Dunedin March did extremely well. With about 1,500 students marching up George Street into the Octagon, chanting in unison, it was spine tingling! We all felt incredibly proud to be seen trying to make a difference on Climate Change. It was great too to be joining a group of like minded people. The Police were there to provide support to the students and to manage traffic.

When we got to the Octagon, we were met by crowds of cheering supporters from the public.  There was further chanting and speeches, including by Stephanie Post, who did a great job getting up there in front of so many people and spreading awareness. Included in the speeches were MP’s David Clarke and Clare Curran, who both commented they were overwhelmed by the passion and commitment shown by the students.  It was an incredible experience for all of us and one that we personally won’t forget. To be in the environment of people voicing the importance of climate change was truly empowering through people being heard, standing up for what they believe in, and what they are passionate about. The world needs a future, we are the future and we can’t be it without the world.

Sadly, when we got home from school, we heard of the unfolding tragedy in Christchurch, which understandably and appropriately, overshadowed the march.  Our challenge now is to ensure we build on the passion seen at the march, and continue to all do our bit, so that the issues of Climate Change are taken seriously.

We think Greta is a great example of how one individual person can make an enormous difference – imagine what a group of people can do! A video link of Greta Thunberg is provided and well worth viewing.

Madeline Bilkey and Riley Miller


Extended Learning Time

We had our first extended learning time on Wednesday. It was great to explore new techniques, delve more deeply into current learning topics, work cooperatively with peers, experience hands on activities, work on longer term curriculum projects, bring in visiting experts, access one on one coaching, go outside the classroom and concentrate time and energy without interruption and we are excited about our next opportunity on Monday 1st April.

Reports/Learning Conversations

Academic Progress reports will be emailed in Week 11. This report will contain feedback on learning and next steps.  It will also give you an overview of the subject.  Specific assessment information will not be included in the report but can be accessed through KAMAR.

The Learning Conversations which will be held in Week 1 of Term 2 are a chance for you to meet with your daughter’s subject teachers to discuss how the year is going and put in place plans going forward.  This discussion is with the teacher, student and parent.

These learning conversations will take place on Monday 29th April (9:30 am – 4:00 pm) and Tuesday 30th April (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm)

On Monday 29th April the school will be open but we will not be running timetabled classes. Supervision will be provided for girls at school.

We realise that it is not always possible for you to make this meeting but we encourage you to book a time for your daughter who should come by herself as this is a critical milestone in her learning for the year and she would find it very valuable to talk to teachers about her next steps.

Booking details will be emailed to parents on Wednesday 10th April and the site will remain open until Sunday 28th April.


How do we encourage girls to find their voice and to be vocal about the issues that matter to them? This requires active practice, and often prompting from the adults in their lives.  Click here to read about how we can support our young woman to speak their minds.

International Department

Opportunity to become host family for International Students

Do you enjoy sharing experiences with other cultures?

Do you have a spare room available?
Would you like to consider the opportunity to become a host family for an International Student that is studying at St Hilda’s Collegiate?
We have new students arriving in term 2 and are looking to increase our homestay families for short term and long term students.
If you are interested or would like to find out more about this experience please contact
Roberta Lawrence, Homestay Coordinator for St Hilda’s either homestay@shcs.school.nz or  phone 477 0989

Campaign Launch Invitation



FMG Jr Young Farmer Of The Year Otago/Southland Regional Final
Holly Clarke and Tia Docherty came 2nd in the TeenAg Young Farmer of the Year competition, and have qualified for the nationals in Hawkes Bay in July.


Our Junior and Senior A futsal teams competed in the Otago regional Secondary Schools Futsal Tournament on Friday 8th March. Both teams played commendably, with the Junior A Team claiming first place in the Yr 9-10 Girls Division 1.

Maadi Cup (so far!)
Ella Fry and Sophie Sinclair
 have placed 3rd in under-18 girl’s double sculls A Final.

Sophie Smith has placed 2nd in the under-16 girl’s single sculls B Final.

At the time of publishing, we have Bridget Sinclair and Georgie Ffiske competing in the girls u18 novice double sculls B Final.

Good luck to the girls who have races on Saturday – 

Bridgette Sinclair and Libby Drummond in the girls u15 double sculls A Final

Emily Hurdle and Emma Burnside in the girls u17 double sculls A Final.

Ella Fry in the girls u18 single sculls B Final.

Alannah Hamilton, Emily Hurdle, Sophie Sinclair and Tamara Mason in the girls u18 coxed quad sculls B Final

Millie Davenport and Sophie Smith in the girls u16 double sculls B Final.

South Island Waterpolo (hot off the press)

We have had really great results but unfortunately missed out on playoffs. The girls are understandably disappointed but are heading for 5th place with real grit and determination.


St Hilda’s came second in the South Island secondary schools competition.

New Zealand School Trustees Association

NZSTA has organised an initiative called Kōrari. The Kōrari programme is set up for parents and people in the community who would like to learn more about the role of school trustees. Kōrari is an introduction workshop and a set of resources that NZSTA has developed to provide governance training.


This session is also to be held at the Brydone Hotel, OAMARU, Monday 8 April, 6.00pm

Also included below are links to the NZSTA website – Information to parents and the interactive sign-up for the LMS (Learning management system) which will enable the person to access the on-line training modules and other information.



Reminder – Health Notice

We have received notification from the Southern District Health Board regarding the Measles Outbreak. Two cases have now been confirmed in Dunedin. Measles is a highly infectious disease and is more serious than many people realise. About one in ten people who contract Measles require hospitalisation and 30% of these go on to develop further complications.

With this in mind, it is important that you keep your daughter at home if she is displaying any signs of illness. The symptoms include fever, cough, red eyes and a runny nose, with a rash developing after approximately 4 days. Affected students must remain away from school for a minimum of 5 days from the appearance of their rash or until fully recovered. We thank you for your assistance with this.