Weekly News Term 1|Week 11

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The Arts Prefects did a great job of organising our end of term Arts Assembly which was held on Tuesday.  We had a variety of performances, from singing to a dance performance. It was a fitting way to finish a term that has been characterised by diversity, and “Be You”.

As many of you will be aware Mrs Lana Morrison has resigned after nearly 7 years at St Hilda’s. We will miss her commitment, enthusiasm and positivity. She has left a wonderful legacy for us as a school, working with all sports, but her contribution to tennis and netball, in particular, have been exemplary. Whether working with girls new to sport or our top athletes Lana has always cared deeply about helping our girls grow as people and as players.  We wish her all the best for her new role with Netball South, where she will continue to help others to be the best they can be. We are currently working through the appointment process for her replacement.

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Thank you for all you have contributed to make this such a special and satisfying term. As a community, we continue to grow and strengthen our links and connections, which in turn benefit all of us. Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter and enjoyable holiday break.

Jackie Barron

Lockdown Procedures

Following the events in Christchurch we feel it is important to highlight the following about Lockdown Procedures:
We are legally required to abide by Police regulations for any Lockdown and their protocols require all student phones to be turned off for the duration of any lockdown situation. This is one of the very first steps of the lockdown process. This is to help the Police control the situation, reduce panic, to ensure that only information confirmed as correct is passed on, and that attention is not drawn to students and staff by phones ringing or vibrating etc. Students and staff are locked down immediately into the space they are in and are unable to leave that space until cleared by the Police, so would only have access to their bags if they were already in the classroom with them.
If the lockdown was not internal (but was the response to something happening in the wider area such as the situation in Christchurch) the school would notify all parents that all students were safe and would follow external lockdown procedures which essentially involves keeping everyone indoors and safe rather than rigorously contained as above.

Ministry of Education – Coding of Absences for Parents

You may notice some changes to the coding on your daughter’s attendance record from the beginning of next term. We are required to code absences by the Ministry of Education regulations. These are as follows:

Explained Unjustified (U) – These are absences which have been explained to the Absence Officer but do not fall under the Ministry of Education’s justified absences.

This may include, but is not limited to:
Boarders returning home
All students leaving to travel – apart from section G Overseas trips
Non-medical appointments during school hours (eg. Driving Lessons)
Unspecified non attendance (Daughter will not be in)
Non school related activities (eg. Wanaka Show, external lesson – such as visiting instructor for dance, equestrian etc)

Holiday During Term Time (U) – this includes holidays which overlap term time
New Zealand or Overseas holiday during term time (eg. holiday in Auckland, Australia, Fiji etc)

Late (L) – not in class when the lesson begins
e.g. arriving late to any class due to lack of time management

Medical (J) – these are appointments for medical purposes or at home due to illness
e.g. Doctor, Specialist, Dental, Physio appointments or short term illness/injury

Not in Class (U)
e.g. Not in class by student choice (eg. working on an assignment for another subject, not signed out for study pass)

Justified Absence (J) – these are absences which have been explained to the Absence Officer and fall under the Ministry of Education’s justified absences

This may include:
Road Closure
Extreme Weather
National, Regional or Provincial representation in a non school related sporting or cultural event
Visiting an ill relative
Exceptional family circumstance (at the discretion of school)

Present (P)
In class
Offsite school related activity
Internal appointment
Music lesson

Pink Ribbon Breakfast

The Z Club is holding a Pink Ribbon breakfast on Friday 31 May (Term 2 – Week 4) at 7:30 am in the school Chapel.
The tickets can be purchased either online by filling out the form which can be accessed via the link on the St Hilda’s School Facebook page or with cash at the student office in Term 2.
Students $10.00                 Adults $20.00
All funds raised will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation to help women who are struggling with breast cancer and to help find a cure.
There will be plenty of yummy food and a talk from our guest speaker Heather Cunliffe who is a researcher at the University of Otago.
Come along and support this great cause – it is sure to be plenty of fun!


Board of Trustee Elections

Board of Trustee elections will be held in June this year.  At its last meeting, the Board resolved to move to staggered elections which means that 3 of the 5 elected parent representative positions will be for the full 3 year term and 2 will be for an 18 month term.  Nominations will be called for from 10 May 2019 for both the 3 year and 18 month terms.  If you are interested in contributing to the governance of the school, please consider standing for election.  More details on the role of the Board can be obtained from the School Trustees Association website https://www.trustee-election.co.nz/.  Nomination forms will be available10 May 2019 and will be posted to all eligible people on the voting role.

Reports/Learning Conversations

Academic Progress reports have been emailed. This report contains feedback on learning and next steps.  It also gives you an overview of the subject.  Specific assessment information will not be included in the report but can be accessed through KAMAR.

The Learning Conversations which will be held in Week 1 of Term 2 are a chance for you to meet with your daughter’s subject teachers to discuss how the year is going and put in place plans going forward.  This discussion is with the teacher, student and parent.

These learning conversations will take place on Monday 29th April (9:30 am – 4:00 pm) and Tuesday 30th April (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm)

On Monday 29th April the school will be open but we will not be running timetabled classes. Supervision will be provided for girls at school. Please email admin@shcs.school.nz if your daughter requires supervision.

We realise that it is not always possible for you to make this meeting but we encourage you to book a time for your daughter who should come by herself as this is a critical milestone in her learning for the year and she would find it very valuable to talk to teachers about her next steps.

Site:  https://www.schoolinterviews.co.nz/
Login: bxyku

Booking were emailed to parents on Wednesday 10th April and the site will remain open until Sunday 28th April.

Chapel Matters

Yesterday we celebrated our Easter Eucharist with Bishop Steven Benford. The Eucharist points back to the account of Jesus sharing the Passover meal with his disciples on the night before he was crucified. As they shared bread and wine together, Jesus told them that these items were like his body and blood, and that in the future, whenever they broke bread and drank the wine, they should remember him. Like the Passover lamb that was sacrificed to save the Israelites in Egypt, Jesus was going to die so that the whole world could be saved.

As we remember Jesus and his love for us at this Easter time, may we find strength and comfort in knowing that life, hope, peace, and forgiveness from God are available to us all.

Parental contact of students

If you need to urgently contact your daughter she will still be contactable by iMessage, email and actual phone call even if she has Family Zone installed on her phone. Snapchat, Instagram etc will not be available during school hours.

Students can also be reached by a phone call to the Student Office in the case of an emergency.

Vietnam Cultural Tour 2020

We are planning to take a cultural tour to Vietnam in 2020.

This trip will be very similar to the trips we have previously taken and will be open to any students who will be in Year 12 or 13 in 2020. Parents are also very welcome to join the trip.

The dates for this trip will be – 7th -26th April 2020

The estimated cost for this will be $6320 (student) and $5820 (parent)

We will be holding information meetings on Sunday 28th April at 4pm and Monday 29th April at 12.30pm in the school chapel where I look forward to outlining the trip in more detail.

If you are unable to attend either meeting but you and/or your daughter are interested in joining the trip please let me know and I will send you through the information.

My contact email is  jmaw@shcs.school.nz


St Hilda’s had a number of girls competing at the National Surf Lifesaving IRB champs at the weekend. Phoebe Aburn gained 3 gold medals in assembly, mass and single rescue races also bronze in the tube rescue which Amelia Lane was also apart of as a patient. Isabella Aldrich gained a third in the Open Women teams final for Warrington and Anaia Wiparata placed with 3rd in the tube rescue finals but unfortunately got a DQ.

Tolcarne News

The last week of term has gone by in a whirlwind at Tolcarne. Many of our Year 9’s and 10’s participated in the Laser Tag with John McGlashan on Sunday afternoon. It is always a fun weekend activity that the girls look forward too. We also had the annual Tribe Easter Egg hunt during Tribe Dinner on Monday. Grendon took out the Hunt again and the points stand thus:
We hope everybody has a wonderful, relaxing holiday. Remember to take time to connect with each other.

International Department

Opportunity to become host family for International Students

Do you enjoy sharing experiences with other cultures?

Do you have a spare room available?
Would you like to consider the opportunity to become a host family for an International Student that is studying at St Hilda’s Collegiate?
We have new students arriving in term 2 and are looking to increase our homestay families for short term and long term students.
If you are interested or would like to find out more about this experience please contact
Roberta Lawrence, Homestay Coordinator for St Hilda’s either homestay@shcs.school.nz or  phone 477 0989

Campaign Launch Invitation

Reminder – Letter from the Vice Chancellor of the University of Otago

Please find attached a follow-up letter from the Vice Chancellor of the University of Otago, Professor Harlene Haynes, seeking our cooperation in discouraging high school students from attempting to attend, or congregate in the vicinity of the annual Hyde Street Party

We totally support the key messages outlined in this letter, in the interests of keeping you (your daughters safe). I am sure you will accordingly respect and abide by their request.

University of Otago – Open Lecture

Wild Dunedin, Ōtepoti Mohoao

Wild Dunedin, Ōtepoti Mohoao, runs from 22 – 28 April in venues all over the city from Karitane to the Sinclair Wetlands, on the Otago Peninsula, and in the middle of town.

With over 70 nature related activities, many of them free, there’s something for everyone, especially children.

Check out the online programme : https://hail.to/wild-dunedin/publication/Y7iKVky

Printed programmes are available at libraries and the i-site.