Weekly News Term 3|Week 4

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Thursday evening saw the PFA Quiz night occur in the Chapel. 

With 20 tables of competitors, 9 rounds of questions and a logo challenge, the evening was hotly contested with the winning team being Simple Minds. The raffle boxes which were put together by each Whanaungatanga group were amazing. They covered a wide variety of themes and looked stunning. Thank you to all who donated or helped in putting them together. The raffle sold out very quickly. The first winning ticket holder chose the box from Whanaungatanga group 22. They will get a pizza lunch in recognition of being the first hamper chosen.

This event was a fundraiser for the school’s Sports and Cultural fund. The fund can be applied to by parents, to request support for travel costs when competing or representing their school in national or international endeavours in their sports or cultural field. One application per year – per child – can be made. The following link will take you to the Sports and Cultural fund application: Sports and Cultural Fund Application

Thank you to the PFA for organising such a fun evening in aid of such a good cause. 

Thank you from the PFA

Many thanks to all the teams who made last night’s PFA quiz such a fun night.
A big thank you to Mr Rosenberg for being such an exceptional quiz master.
To the skilled and creative Whānaungatanga groups, your hampers were exceptional – thank you.

Ali Copeman
PFA president

Guidance – reminder

The Parent seminar about Restorative Practice on Tuesday 20 August will take place at 6.30 pm in the Chapel.

We encourage you all to attend to learn more about Restorative Practice and what it will look like in action.


SAVE THE DATE – St Hilda’s Careers Evening

Year 11 – 13 Subject Selection
A reminder that subject choices for 2020 are due by 2 September 2019. While this date may feel some time away it can take time to explore the resources available.
Please find below links to resources you and your daughter may find helpful in the decision making process.

St Hilda’s Collegiate 2020 Senior Academic Programme (also linked at the bottom of the student homepage)

Check out the information in the ‘Need to Know’ section as well as subject specific pages.

Understanding NCEA

Careers Online Resources (also linked at the bottom of the student homepage

Career Central (also linked at the bottom of the student homepage)

Activities this week –

Year 11 Software Engineering Field Trip to Wellington
The Year 11 Digital Technologies students spent a day in Wellington this week learning about how apps and software are designed, developed and tested.  We were hosted by two of New Zealand’s largest tech companies, Datacom and Trade Me. The students had sessions with their development teams and were not only able to learn real-world skills but also able to see the large variety of diverse roles within software companies and the innovative working environments (including virtual reality and slides!). 

We also visited the offices of IT Professionals, which is New Zealand’s body for software and IT Professionals.  We had an interesting presentation from their Deputy Chief Executive of Operations about all the different career opportunities within the IT field and came home with some excellent goody bags provided by ITP.


Otago Secondary Schools Music Festival
This past Tuesday the Dunedin Town Hall was bustling with high school music students from all across Dunedin and the wider Otago area to come together for the annual Otago Secondary Schools Music Festival. St Hilda’s was represented by 40 instrumentalist and singers being part of the combined items. Their efforts during the day’s practice led to quality sounding music-making and a successful evening concert.


Elizabeth Eckford  ‘Little Rock Nine’ Presentation
Year 11 History students, along with hundreds of other History students from around Otago, attended a presentation by Elizabeth Eckford, one of the nine African American students who attended Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957 and was subjected to racism, bullying, and prejudice.

Elizabeth became famous because of a photo taken at the time, of her being harassed and abused by white protestors, even though she was one of the nine African American students enrolled.

Elizabeth talked of her experiences at the time and how this has impacted on her life. Dr Eurydice Stanley, a former US army lieutenant-colonel, also talked about prejudices and harassment that still continues in the USA today.

This was valuable for the students, hearing first hand experiences from someone who was part of the fight for Black Civil Rights, a topic studied in Year 11 History.  Dr Stanley added a current perspective about civil rights in the USA.

By Will Counts, then photographer for the Arkansas Democrat newspaper – http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USAPcounts.htm, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1298317


Creative Poetry with David Eggleton
All Year 9 had the opportunity to work with Dunedin poet, David Eggleton, on Monday afternoon.  This provided an insight into how to create and enjoy poetry. He shared a wide range of poetry, both his own and other well-known poets as he pulled apart the essence of what it is to write poetry.  

The students came away with a stronger sense of poetry as a musical form of writing to be shared aloud, and that the rhythm of a poem is like a heartbeat, without this the poem dies.  He emphasised that you read a poem with your eyes. A good poem makes you want to hear it again and again, like a good song.

With this in mind, each of the Year 9 Integrated Studies classes worked on their own poems thinking about the theme of the environment.

Here are some eco-poems completed so far:

One plastic bag floating along the ocean shore
One turtle’s life is on the line

Two straws drifting with the ripples in the shallows
Two salmon lives are in danger

Three metres of netting getting dragged along with the current
Three seals trapped slowly being strangled to death

Four bottle caps rolling with the wind across the sand
Four seagulls tummies full but still dying of hunger

Five… stop and think!
Five minutes is all it takes to sort and recycle your rubbish

Anya Clark


I can hear you softening the noise
Calming the commotion of the community

If I were deaf the tingle of my fingers and the numbness
In my toes would caution me of your presence

And I would feel your soft touch brushing
On my tongue spreading the taste of winter
If I were blind

The something bittersweet about your scent
Immersing me in memories

The steady nothingness I hear
The soothing silence knowing you are near

But if I should not hear smell or feel or see

You would still
Pepper me with ice
Caress me with your cold
Freeze me be

Rosa Smith


The sun streaming through your fingers,
Like sand running through an hourglass,
Leaving dappled golden patches dispersed on my skin.

Slowly your exterior begins to change,
Luscious green, golden yellow, fiery red,
Your own rainbow.

Finally, the wind elegantly passes by,
Shaking you and stripping away all you knew before leaving lifeless, brown corpses scattered along the ground at your feet.

Winter is here,
A chilling coat of frost covers your roots.
And with cold comes dark.

The unforgivable shadows creeping across the ground,
The creatures of the night surrounding you,
The unintelligible sounds are something of a dream,
Or something of a nightmare.

But piercing through the gloom comes the eery, pale light of our pearlescent friend,
Making shadows of the canopy in the now glistening snow.
Keeping you safe, like a nightlight, or a lighthouse,
Guiding you home.

Ameliè  Warlow


Year 7&8 Maths
This week, the Year 7&8 girls enjoyed the opportunity to put their recent Maths learning into practice.  In order to work out the quantities of ingredients for their chocolate chip muffin recipe, they had to use their knowledge of fractions and solve equations.  Batches of yummy chocolate chip muffins were the results of their new Maths skills.

Updated Reporting Timeline

We have adjusted the reporting timeline to accommodate the changes made to the junior reports at the end of Term 2. Year 7 – 10 students will receive an interim report in Week 8 and this will be followed by Junior Learning Conversations which will be held in Week 10. We are aware that it is not always possible for parents to attend these due to travelling distance and the timing of Learning Conversations so we are investigating the possible use of technology to assist with this.

Benchmark Examinations

Benchmark Examinations will be held in Week 8 / 9. These will be held under NZQA conditions. Further details about these will be emailed home.


Just a reminder that girls are required to have hair ties, scrunchies and ribbon that matches the uniform – Blue or St Hilda’s tartan.

Jewellery: Earrings should be studs in gold or silver and no more than two each ear, no rings and no bracelets.

We really appreciate your support with this.

Visiting School
For health and safety reasons all visitors/parents coming into school need to sign in at the main office.


On Monday, our First XV Rugby team headed to Invercargill to compete against Southland Girls.  Backed by a strong support crowd, our girls took the game out with an emphatic win 43-24.  This is a wonderful achievement and now the team head to Christchurch to compete in the Highlanders vs Crusaders, South Island Final.  If the girls get up in this match, then they will head into a NZ top four.

Special mention to Danielle Ferguson who scored 4 tries on Monday, what a game!

Clay Target
Analee Toro
has had some more great results at her collegiate shoot in Balfour

1st, Single Barrel
1st, Single Rise
3rd, Point Score

Congratulations Analee!


Our Year 7&8 Future Fern netballers completed their season yesterday.  Our Year 8B team had a great win against Tahuna Intermediate to finish first.  This is the second year in a row for this team.  Our 7b had a tough final and finished runners up, but a great effort for their first year playing 7aside.  Well done to our other teams as well for playing wonderful netball all season.


Tolcarne News

Tolcarne Year 9s tried out Acroyoga as part of the ‘Courage’ theme in Koru this week. They all embraced the challenge and experimented with different poses called interesting names: bird, high flying whale and cathedral.

Art Auction Gala

The Art Auction Gala is sold out and we have a catalogue of 25+ works by sought-after artists up for auction. Click here to view the catalogue.

Please contact aburke@shcs.school.nz for all enquiries – we need your help to make this event a huge success for St Hilda’s.

We are very grateful to all of our sponsors for supporting the upcoming Art Auction Gala on August 24th. Thank-you for sponsoring this event and ensuring our fundraiser is a success.

Upcoming Events

The Parent seminar about Restorative Practice on Tuesday 20 August will take place at 6.30 pm in the Chapel.

Careers Evening on Tuesday 27 August will start at 6:30 pm in the Chapel

Feeling musically inclined this month? Somehow found yourself in Timaru on a weekend? Here are music events you could attend in August with some incredibly dedicated students performing.
  • Saturday 17th August – Sings Hilda Cadenza Gala concert. Theatre Royal Timaru 7:00pm. $20 https://nmw.co.nz/book-now?view=event&itid=194
  • Friday 23rd August – Bandquest. Taieri College Performing Arts Centre. 6:30pm. $10 (kids under 6 free).


Come along and support our students who are exhibiting their work at the Otago Secondary Schools  Art Awards Exhibition.

Name of Student: Riley Miller (Year 12)
Title of artwork: The Mask
Medium: Acrylic on Paper

Name of Student: Maxi Dippie (Year 13)
Title of artwork: Cat With a Pearl Earring
Medium: Acrylic on Paper

Name of Student: Sophie Conner (Year 13)
Title of artwork: Going Home
Medium: Mixed Media

Name of Student: Ana Rathbone (Year 13)
Title of artwork: #doinitforthelikes
Medium: Acrylic on paper

Name of Student: Stephanie Post (Year 130
Title of artwork: Entschuldigen Sie, bitte
Medium: Watercolour on Paper

Name of Student: Poppy Smith (Year 13)
Title of artwork: The Everyman
Medium: Photograph

Name of Student: Anna Englebrecht (Year 12)
Title of artwork: Untitled
Medium: Photograph

Name of Student: Briar Grounds (Year 13)
Title of artwork: Science Classroom
Medium: Photograph

Name of Student: Eve Scott (Year 13)
Title of artwork: Untitled
Medium: Photograph

Name of Student: Sophie Conner (Year 13)
Title of artwork: Blue Light (Rakiura Studio Series)
Medium: Photograph

Name of Student: Milly Elworthy (Year 13)
Title of artwork: Untitled
Medium: Photograph

Name of Student: Georgia Broadley (Year 12)
Title of artwork: Otago Landscape
Medium: Acrylic on card


Transition Expo Day Event – Discover opportunities for life after school. Click here for further details.

Transition Expo Evening ForumClick here for further details

Free seminar for parents
Parents and caregivers of secondary school students (Years 9-13) are invited to a free ‘Parents as Career Educators’ seminar on 28 August.

The seminar will provide parents with tips and advice to guide their teenagers through the various career and study options available to them in the modern world.

MoneyHub, a guide to scholarships
As many of our Year 13 students begin their applications for tertiary study and look for ways to fund their future studies – MoneyHub, a consumer finance website, has published a guide to hundreds of scholarships for any student planning to start university in 2020.

Volunteers Required – PFA

Parents and senior students over 16 years of age.
The PFA has been given an opportunity to fundraise at this year’s Fleetwood Mac concert on September 21 at Forsyth Barr Stadium.
This involves working in one of the hospitality areas for approximately 8 hours and attending a 90min induction meeting in the week prior to the concert,
The PFA raises funds for the school community for the benefit of all students.

It’s actually a lot of fun and if you are interested in receiving more information please contact Ali Copeman on pfa@shcs.school.nz