2020 ERO Report

We are delighted that all that we care about, hold dear, do every day and work towards, has been recognised and applauded by the Education Review Office team in their 2020 Review of our school. 

This report is a validation of the tremendous vision and dedication of the Boards of Trustees and Proprietors, the continued excellent work, innovation and commitment of the staff and the authentic alignment between what we say, what we do and what we look to develop next. ERO’s comments endorse the excellence of the education that we offer, and the supportive living and learning environments we provide that allow our young women to be themselves and to flourish.

ERO has stated that their “overall evaluation judgement of St Hilda’s Collegiate School’s performance in achieving valued outcomes is “Strong”. While that one word might seem a little underwhelming on its own, please refer to the Overall Findings and Judgement Tool, https://www.ero.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/ERO-18798-1-AF-Overall-findings-and-judgements-document-v4.pdf to better appreciate all that that one word encompasses.   

The full report is attached. Please take the time to read and digest all that it contains – there is a considerable amount of information and so much we are very proud of. My favourite statement?: “Students learn in an environment where they know that leaders and teachers care deeply about their learning and wellbeing. They describe their school as inclusive and feel a strong sense of belonging and community.”(ERO June 2020)

Click here to view the report