End of Term Update

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
I know the past few days have been uncertain and tumultuous and I hope you are all settling into the new rhythm of family life.
While there will definitely be difficult days ahead, we can also be grateful for the time with family, the chance to reflect and rest, and hopefully the enforced opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge and share this historic challenge with those closest to us.
As a staff we will be linking with your daughters on a regular basis after the holidays, to ensure that engaging and relevant learning continues, even though it may look very different. What an opportunity to innovate, create and develop resilience!!
I have contacted all the girls today, wishing them the best for the holiday, and hoping we can all find the positives. The Prefects Sunshine Day planning and activities is a great example of us all helping to sustain and nurture our wonderful school community.
On a practical note I also wanted to inform you of the following:
Please ask your daughter to regularly check her emails, especially as we prepare to go on line on the 15th April. Staff will be using email to set up Google hangouts, and class activities and your daughter will need to be aware of the arrangements.
NZQA are sending out material over the coming weeks, as they explore the options for all schools around internal and external assessments. Please do not worry about NCEA at the moment – NZQA will put in place a fair and equitable system that recognises the difficulties students will have over the next few weeks around their learning. Please reassure your daughter that as a school we will ensure no one is disadvantaged.
I wish you all the best as we move into the unknown. I am sure the strength of communities and the benefits of connecting in new and innovative ways, will sustain us all.
Jackie Barron