Monthly Archives: June 2020

Sport New Zealand acknowledges St Hilda’s Youth Sport Policy

Before lockdown, the sports department were organising a parent information evening around the challenges in youth sport and changes made to the SHCS Sport Selection Criteria.  Due to Covid-19 we were unable to hold this evening.  We will be adding some information from our guest speakers to this portal for you to read and listen to.  This video is from Sport New Zealand, we contacted them around our changes and they wanted to acknowledge this change.  
We are looking forward to seeing our girls out participating in winter sport and we have already seen a significant increase in team numbers across several sports.

South Fuels – Fuel for Schools Sponsorship Programme

Local farmers, contractors & businesses (Southfuels customers) have the opportunity to nominate a school to receive 50 cents per 100 Litres of bulk fuel that they get delivered. Southfuels accrue those funds until your school has a Fuel for Schools Sponsorship balance of $1000.00.

This Sponsorship can be a sports equipment package or a technology package, which will be delivered in person by a Southfuels Representative. The Fuel for Schools Sponsorship is ongoing and there is no limit on the amount of funds that your school can accrue through the Programme. Click here for more information.