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End of Term Update

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
I know the past few days have been uncertain and tumultuous and I hope you are all settling into the new rhythm of family life.
While there will definitely be difficult days ahead, we can also be grateful for the time with family, the chance to reflect and rest, and hopefully the enforced opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge and share this historic challenge with those closest to us.
As a staff we will be linking with your daughters on a regular basis after the holidays, to ensure that engaging and relevant learning continues, even though it may look very different. What an opportunity to innovate, create and develop resilience!!
I have contacted all the girls today, wishing them the best for the holiday, and hoping we can all find the positives. The Prefects Sunshine Day planning and activities is a great example of us all helping to sustain and nurture our wonderful school community.
On a practical note I also wanted to inform you of the following:
Please ask your daughter to regularly check her emails, especially as we prepare to go on line on the 15th April. Staff will be using email to set up Google hangouts, and class activities and your daughter will need to be aware of the arrangements.
NZQA are sending out material over the coming weeks, as they explore the options for all schools around internal and external assessments. Please do not worry about NCEA at the moment – NZQA will put in place a fair and equitable system that recognises the difficulties students will have over the next few weeks around their learning. Please reassure your daughter that as a school we will ensure no one is disadvantaged.
I wish you all the best as we move into the unknown. I am sure the strength of communities and the benefits of connecting in new and innovative ways, will sustain us all.
Jackie Barron

COVID19 Update – Dates Important

Dear Parents and Caregivers
As we begin the preparation for the closure of the school I wanted to update you on our planning so far.
Firstly, I must apologise for giving you the wrong dates for the school holidays. My email to you yesterday went out before I received notification from the Ministry of Education regarding bringing the school holidays forward.
Consequently, we are planning for the following:
March 23 – 27. Staff will be preparing work for students, which may include some emails this week referring to work on line or current assignments/programmes
March 30 – 14th April : School holidays. There is no expectation on staff or students that school work will be completed during this time.
April 15th  onwards – learning will be provided on line utilising Google Classroom and other tools. Staff will be sending out virtual meeting times, links, invites and material etc to students for their learning. 
We are following NZQA advice regarding NCEA Internal Assessments and units of work. All internals that were to be held in the coming weeks will now be rescheduled or reconsidered. We will continue with our programmes of learning, but the assessments may differ from those indicated at the beginning of the year.
We will continue to post updates in the St Hilda’s Virtual school and on the parent portal
Collecting Student belongings
A reminder that if your daughter needs to collect materials/items from school can you please email us,  and we will organise a time for her to come into school. It is important that we continue to manage contact and social distancing and your assistance with this is appreciated. If you are a boarding family collecting material from Tolcarne, please let us know when you email, so we can coordinate your times. No one will be able to be on site after 4.30pm on Wednesday 25th March.
Please look after yourselves and stay connected. We understand the trials ahead, and will do our best to minimise any disruption to your daughters learning.
Jackie Barron

Weekly News – Term 1 | Week 4

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We continue to motor through the term with a myriad of activities and learning opportunities already completed and more still to come.
Our new girls appear to be well settled, finding their way around the campus, connecting and contributing, enjoying the challenges and opportunities inherent to their learning. 
As a school we have made a strong start to the year and are excited about coming events. One extraordinary event is our biennial school Fair, which is only 2 weeks away. We are so fortunate to have such an organised, efficient, visionary and passionate group of parents on the PFA who have taken over the management of this event and who have already put in considerable time and effort to ensure the Fair’s success. 
The Fair is a major fundraising event for the school, and the contributions from our families – time, donations, assistance, sponsorship, items for auctions, food and prizes all help to ensure a successful day. Thank you to those families who have already made donations and brought in items for sale, and if you haven’t had a chance to contribute yet – you have two more weeks! Other people’s treasures are always welcome! The money raised is important, but the Fair  is also as one of the few opportunities we have to come together as a wider community, have some fun, enjoy good food and get the odd bargain. It is a great day for the whole school community and I urge you to ensure you are part of it.
Jackie Barron


Key Dates for 2020 Term 1

Saturday 7th March – School Fair (see below for further information)

Wednesday 11 MarchYears 7-13 Goal Setting Conversation with Whanau teachers (2.30-6.30pm)

Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March – Wanaka Show

Friday 20th March – Staff Only Day

Monday 23rd March – Otago Anniversary Day 



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FAIR-NEWS-ISSUE-2-724x1024.jpg
We have jars available for people to make jams and/or preserves – please get in touch with us if you are able to help.
We need more fair helpers; if you are able to help at the school fair on a stall please email:
We are still looking for fair sponsorship; a $250 donation allows you to sponsor a stall, donated items such as vouchers, goods, services are needed for our silent auction and monetary donations towards advertising.  Please email:
SCHOOL FAIR – WEEK 5 – Whanaungatanga Group donations
We need your help to have a successful fair day.

Whanau Group Photographs

If you are interested in ordering a copy of the Whanau group photos these will be sold on McRobie website via this link:

Photos will be size 6″x 9”, in colour and cost $17 each.


Throughout the year we will communicate about your daughter’s learning through Learning Conversations (which allow a three way conversation with the teacher, student and parent), Interim Reports on Learning which focus on learning behaviours and Academic Progress Reports which give specific comments on the progress being made in the curriculum and next steps for your daughters learning. The final report for the year is a summary record of your daughter’s learning for the year. This includes a comment from her Whanaungatanga teacher which gives you an overview of her year’s learning and involvement in school activities. 

Our aim, with this combination of reports, is to  give an accurate and timely overview of your daughter’s learning dispositions, next steps and progress.

2020 Reporting Timeline

Term 1

Week 6  Year 7-13 Interim Report on Learning

Week 7 Wed 11 March Years 7-13 Goal Setting Conversation with Whanau teachers (2.30-6.30pm)

Week 11  Years 7-13 Academic Progress Report

Term 2

Week 1 Years 7-13 Learning Conversations with subject teachers 

Week 5  Years 7-13 Interim Report on Learning

Term 3

Week 1 Mon 20 July Years 11-13 Learning Conversations with subject teachers (9.30am – 6.30pm)

Years 7-10 Junior House Day

Week 2  Years 7-10 Academic Progress Report 

Week 7 Years 7-13 Interim Report on Learning

Weeks 8-9 Years 11-13 NCEA benchmark examinations

Week 10  Years 7-10 Learning Conversations with subject teachers

 Years 11-13 NCEA Progress Report 

Term 4

Week 9  Years 7-13 End of Year Academic Summary Report

Newsletter Change

We are currently updating our website and as part of this we will be making some changes to our newsletter format. A link will still be sent to you and we will also put that link on the current newsletter site until the update is complete so you can access past newsletters. We will use the new format next week.


Ellen Mamier was chosen by Study Dunedin to produce a video for their website.

Ellen was chosen because she won an Education New Zealand (ENZ) scholarship to come and study in New Zealand.  She chose Dunedin and St Hilda’s Collegiate.  Even though the scholarship was for one year, Ellen chose to stay on and complete her NCEA Level 3 studies in Dunedin.

As you will see, she loved her time here, made some good friends and even picked up a bit of a kiwi accent!  Here is the link to the video, found on the Study Dunedin website. 


Year 7 girls – Literacy lesson with Anna Garthwaite


Otago and Southland Champs
Congratulation to Gabi Horo who competed in the Pole Vault U18 at the Otago and Southland Champs over the weekend and broke the 15 year record with a jump of 2m 56cm!
NZ Secondary Schools Triathlon
Well done to Sophie Shallard who finished 12th at the NZ Secondary Schools Triathlon and Zara Geddes who finished 20th.
National Touch tournament
Congratulations to our U18 team who won their age group in extra time.

Tolcarne News

On Sunday the juniors went on an outing to Tunnel Beach with Robyn, a first for many! They not only enjoyed the walk, but also a paddle in the ocean and getting to experience another part of the city. Koru this week involved a mindfulness body scan and mindful eating for the year tens, where they were invited to feel the effects of mindfulness and enhance their senses around food. The year nines looked into the Tolcarne values, gaining a greater appreciation for what they mean and how they can use them. This weekend the junior girls are heading to Waihola, where they will have a go at paintball! 

A special mention to the new Tolcarne Council representatives for 2020;
Year 9 – Lucy Robertson & Ruby Cochrane
Year 10 – Emma Collett & Lucy Wright
Year 11 – Connie Bennington & Anika Smith
Year 12 – Molly Loe & Libby Dummond
Year 13 – Meg Huffadine & Sara Harding

Chapel Matters

The Very Reverend Dr Tony Curtis would like to extend an open invitaion to the staff, students and families of the St Hilda’s community. Below is an invitation with further details for all who might be interested.


SOLD OUT – Our event with Company of Strangers at Akarua this weekend is now sold out! Thank you to all those who have purchased tickets and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. We would also like to thank our sponsors: Peter McIntyre and Chris Timms from Craigs Investment Partners; Tracy Cameron from ICAN Models + Talent; and Jaimee Smith of Ukiyo Salon & Co, Wanaka. For those who missed out, you can still see the new collection from Company of Strangers online here:


This is a fundraising initiative that current families, Old Girls and past families can support – purchase a Blue Ribbon plaque with your/your daughter’s name on it, to be displayed permanently in the foyer of the new Arts Building.

Please contact the Director of Development at to reserve your Blue Ribbon today.

Information regarding Coronavirus

With recent concerns raised regarding the spread of coronavirus, we wish to inform you that we are following the Ministry of Health Guidelines regarding best practice for public health. 

We have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the wellbeing of all our international students, when they arrived at school and at Tolcarne, and as most of them have been in NZ for at least a week prior to the start of school, they are at minimal risk of infection, however we will continue to monitor their health. We have no students from the Wuhan region.

The school and Tolcarne will be vigilant with hygiene instruction as well as providing masks as required, and hand sanitiser. They are all the necessary equipment to isolate infection. Frequent hand washing and practising cough etiquette will be encouraged. 

Recognising that coronavirus is now a global issue, if you or your family members have been travelling in Asia or currently infected areas over the holidays, or have been in contact with international visitors, we trust you are monitoring your family’s health and following the Ministry of Health guidelines.

As stated we have in place precautionary measures, and are advised that the risk of infection is still very low. We will continue to monitor the health of any students currently considered to be low risk. The Ministry of Health has advised that there is no specific action to be taken at this time. Should the situation change, we will follow our pandemic plan for managing illness as we do with other infectious diseases such as measles, mumps, and influenza.

For those of you concerned about possible infection, the Ministry of Health has provided practical information on their website which we encourage you to read – 

NoNovel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) guidance – Ministry of Health website:         
included in there is some advice to help reduce the general risk of infection:
– avoiding very close contact with people showing symptoms
– frequently washing hands
– practicing cough etiquette (maintain distance, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and wash hands).

the Ministry of Health will continue to update that content, as further information becomes available