Laptop/iPad information

With the Ministry of Education announcement of the compulsory implementation of  the Digital Technologies curriculum and the continued evolution of other curriculum areas, as a staff we have spent some time considering how we can  best serve our girls in the classroom, and ensure they are future-ready, with regards to their learning and the use of devices.  With this in mind, to maximise the learning, students in Years 7 and 8 will  use iPads for their learning and students in Years 9 – 13 will use laptops.  Current St Hilda’s Year  8 students may continue to use their iPad through until the end of Year 9 if they choose to.   We hope to keep costs for replacing devices to a minimum for our families, but also recognise that the new curriculum, with its focus on coding and web design, does require a high level of technological support, and that technology capability and demands are changing constantly.
The device requirements  for St Hilda’s  2021 are:
  • iPads for year 7 and 8 students
  • laptops for year 9, 10 11, 12 and 13 students  (current St Hilda’s Year 7 and 8 students may continue to use their iPad through until the end of Year 9)
St Hilda’s currently recommends Apple devices as they allow us to run an easily managed system with a strong focus on teaching and learning. The devices specified are high quality devices that have a long battery life and quality components.
Each year we arrange a ‘bundle’ purchase deal for computers that includes the computer or iPad, a protective sleeve, a backup drive for the computers and a warranty.
We review prices each year from various vendors and currently our supplier of choice is Cyclone Computers.

For information about recommended devices and purchasing process please refer:
Laptops  |  iPads

Cyclone Computers contact for Warranty/Repairs
Jane Allan
0800 686 686 ext 317  m: 0222000277
8 Turakina Road,
Andersons Bay,Dunedin 9012
For further information about device usage and care please refer:
Care and Repairs   |   Software and Web Services   |   Backups