As mentioned elsewhere Rule Number 1 in computer care is BACKUP.  Your data is the most important part of your computer and should backed up.

A student laptop contains a lot of important school work and usually personal data such as photos.

Some data can be backed up via iCloud – the limit is 5GB but you can purchase more space at a small monthly cost.   You school Google account allows unlimited space so you can back up there (Note:  when you leave St Hilda’s you loose access to this account – data can be downloaded before you leave)

Although hard drive failure and computer theft are relatively uncommon it is strongly recommended that students use an external hard drive to back up their data. Apple computers have a system called Time Machine that makes backup extremely easy. The SHCS bundle deal includes a large backup drive.  Recommended specifications for a backup drive are minimum 500GB capacity and USB powered.

Backup for  an SSD Drive (Macbook Air and Macbook Pro) is absolutely critical.  If an SSD drive fails there is little chance of retrieving data.